Beyonce New Video: Dance For You

This is either a sign of sheer desperation or Queen Bey is set on creating a new trend. Just weeks after releasing a video for party there is a new video from her current albumn out, AGAIN. Even singles do not get released so close to each other. What's the strategy here?

Whatever their strategy is, it has certainly opened her up to a lot of criticism that would have otherwised not have clouded the release of these video if there was some ample time in between their release. Now people are comparing them and judging them, not on their merit but on the fact that she is flooding the scene with videos instead of pushing the actual albumn. Which I would think would be impossible since she is pregnant. Then again maybe that is the reason why she is did all these videos in advance. She probably knew that the pregnancy will stop her from doing promotional tours and performances tv and such so to keep the albumn alive she would use those videos. 

Anyway, here's the latest vid. 

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