Beyonce Takes On Fake Pregnancy Rumours (Video)

What better way to shut your "haters" up than to take them head on. Yep Queen Bey has been mum about  her fake pregnancy rumours since she famously shocked the world by revealing her baby bump on the red carpet. but now she is hitting back!!

On this new behind the scenes video of her "Countdown" music video. Beyoncé shared some choice thoughts for those individuals who needed a little more proof that she was indeed with child. Holding up a copy of the September 23rd issue of the Daily News, she rubs her second-trimester stomach and exaggeratingly repeats the headline, “Oh baby. Oh Baby!”

Pictures compared after the MTV VMAs

She also discloses that at the time, she’s six months pregnant, farther along than the tabloids predicted. Which unfortunately has done nothing but fuel suspicion. Many are claiming that if she was already six months along in her pregnancy then (when she shot the vid) the flat stomach 10 days at the Roseland concert followed by the bump on the red carpet at the VMAs told a different story.

Let's not forget the deflating belly saga

Note again that the video was recorded in September. That would make her due… right about now. However, an elated Beyonce said she is due in February after the VMAs reveal. The video is released now November, though; which would make the math work. In case you weren't paying attention in Math class: If she was 6 months in the video in September that means she is 9 months now. This will only fuel the rumors if you ask me … “Oh, baby!”

Either way, whether Beyonce is really pregnant or not is irrelevant to me. Point is that a child is coming to the world with all the opportunities many kids would dream of. 


Anonymous said...

Attention seeking disorder.

LSZ said...

Beyonce is not pregnant, but some surrogate - who's "allegedly" $5 million richer - is carrying the heir. Any person with proper reasoning and analytical abilities knows this. But I keep asking myself if that surrogate is carrying JayZ's seed, if that's the case, then the camel is sure making it's debute in February . I'll wait!

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