Cross & Blackwell Mayonaise Tangy Ad Is Tacky

Hai suka maan. I have been trying not to get all worked up about this but I can't help myself. The current Mayonaise ad on tv bugs me because it is a cheap rip off of the famous Old Man Spice ad. Ok, before you tell me that they are parodying it instead of ripping it off, I will say; FAIL!

Firstly the Old Man Spice plays on the fact that "ladies" want to be with an Old Spice Man. In the ad, featuring Isaiah Mustafa, the actor tells the ladies to make comparisons between their men and him in a series of romantic and comedic montages. The catch is that Isaiah is a chiseled, suave and (dare I say it) sexy brotha that most fellas can only dream of being. And there's that voice...

"Ladies, look at the Mayo advert, now look at this, then back at that Mayo ad ..."

Now comes the Cross & Blackwell Mayonaise Tangy Ad. The guy in the ad looks and sounds good but there is nothing sexy about the ad. It just comes across as cheesy, excuse pun , especially if you know the Old Spice Man ad. Honestly how can you possibly try and make an ad about Mayo sexy. Seriously?! if you are brave enough to take that chance then why not be original.

While on the being original tip, have you noticed how all of the sudden most ads on TV seem the same. Take the current Steers and the KFC Boxmaster ad. They both play on the same theme of "soft men" ... wait there is another ad that plays on that theme as well, Bar One!! Whatever happened to creativity? Don't get me started on MTN and Vodacom always copying each other. MTN came up with the Jam Alley parody ads, Vodacom copied them and came up with the Talkshow "look under your seats ala Oprah" ad few weeks later. Now you have MTN with the start a party ads and Vodacom with a somewhat similar campaign of "shuffling" .

Is Nandos going to be the only company that is going to be innovative and creative? 

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