Does Keri Hilson Have Beef With Beyonce?

Oh say it isn't so. There is a video that is doing the rounds on international blogs about Keri Hilson refusing to hold a magazine on camera because Queen Bey and her hubby Jay Z are on the cover. Say what?! There are people who do not like Beyonce. It can't be. Lol, yeah hard to believe. Watch the video after the jump...
When asked to hold Juicy magazine (that Beyonce and Jay-Z are on the cover of) Keri politely asks,
"who's that?"  
After realizing who was on the cover,
“No, I can’t do that. I'm sorry.” 
Checkout her facial expressions while saying so. Priceless. 

Still no word on why Keri would have beef with Bey but I think she could have atleast pretended that she didn't mind holding up the mag. She was not being asked to promote Beyonce and Jay Z but asked to push the mag on camera. Eish, celebs and their issues ... chill ntobazana!

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