The General TV Awards 2011

TVSA Blogger, The General, is running an exciting poll on South Africa's television industry. Since our award shows suck anyway I found this refreshing and in a way a true reflection of what viewers find interesting to watch. It would be of benefit for our local channels' executives to look at polls such as these and see what they are doing wrong (or right).  Anyway, let me not suck the fun out of it. Here are my choices for the awards.

Soapie of the Year

Rhythm City

Drama of the Year


 Comedy/Sitcom of the Year


Reality Show of the Year

So What even though I prefer Blame It On Fame, So What is the only reality show we have right now where the star actually lives up to the image that the show is centred around. Kenny is the sushi king!!

Magazine Show of the Year

Top Billing (even though is has now being reduced to an infomercial ad with all their product placement and the cheesy scripted inserts.)

Actuality Show of the Year

Carte Blanche

Worst Show of the Year - SABC1

Turn It Out. How that show made on tv beats me. It is horrible. Who commissioned it? He/She should be fired.

Worst Show of the Year - SABC2

Moferefere Lenyalong

Worst Show of the Year - SABC3

3Talk. Noeleen and her cooking segments bore me.

Worst Show of the Year -

Ekasi Stories

Best Comedy/Sitcom Personality of the Year 

(actors/actresses and presenters in a comedy/sitcom)

Late Night News Cast

Best Talk Show Presenter of the Year

No one because we dont really have a talkshow that apeals to a wider audience and can compete with the current talkshows.

Best Reality Show Personality of the Year 
(stars and presenters)

Hlelo "Heh banna" Masina. She made BIOF fun for me. Every time she would smile and say that line it killed me. I loved how she didn't try and be smart or live up to the image all the time.  She was Hlelo "... Nje"  #lol

Best Magazine Show Presenter of the Year

Jeanne D (Top Billing)

Best Actuality Show Presenter of the Year

Debra Patta

Best Soapie Actor/Actress of the Year

Moshidi Motshegwa

Best Drama Actor/Actress of the Year

Mbali Ntuli (Intersexions)

Worst Actor/Actress of the Year 
(any genre, as long as they are an actor/actress at that particular show)

Maggie Benedict on Generations. What's with the Tsotsi taal?

Worst Presenter of the Year 
(any genre, as long as they are a presenter at that particular show)

Mac Leshomo, that voice!! and the "ke" he puts after every sentence. It doesn't help that everytime I switch on sabc1 these days he will appear on my screen. How many shows does he present on the channel?

Advertisement of the Year

Definitely Checkers "Changing your supermarket won’t change the world…but it can change the way you live in it." campaign. This has to be the most simple yet effective way an ad can relay its message to the consumer without being too pushy about brand touting. I love this ads especially the one with the kids. It is so cute.

Best Advertisement Personality of the Year 
(anyone who appears in an advertisement)

The kids on the Checkers ad

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