I Get Threatened On Facebook

Ahh you gotta love being me. Some people get woken up with sweet kisses, hot coffee or a good morning. Not me. I, on the hand, get threats at 06h00. Yep... this morning I logged on to Facebook and received a threat over something I had actually forgotten about.

Here's what happened. So last night I am busy chatting with friends on Facebook when I get this message from this guy. I ignore it at first as it seemed like one of those random request to add Apps on your profile. Then the second message came and it read.
"u got karabo fired, what kind of a person are u"
Buffled by this, I respond by asking the person what he is on about. No answer. Annoyed I reply:
"Don't be an idiot nobody gets fired for having a tiff with just one person who doesn't even work for that company. Please get your facts right before you accuse me of this I know nothing about."
Yes I know my response was rude but I was offended by the fact that this person has not ascertained the facts first and yet he concludes that I got someone fired. The other thing is that by him asking what kind of a person am I, is a bit of an unfair attack on my character.  Of course that led to him saying this:
"If I find out u were involved in him getting fired I am coming ur way and only then u will know what an idiot I am"
Then I said
"Grow the fuck up bro. Is that idle threat supposed to bother me?"
He said
"No Phil I am not threatening u. And don't use swear words, mr"
Kinda stupid to be all worked up when the other person is calm so I took a moment, got some composure and replied; 
"Well you making me angry. You haven't ascertained any facts and yet you telling me that I got Karabo fired. You questioning my character based on something you have no facts about is insulting hence my anger. And now you threatening me."
He responded;
"Like I said if u not involved then fine, I will apologies....but if you are u have not heard the last of me it's not a threat and no need to get angry, am just an idiot mos."
I concluded;
"Well whoever told you that I got Karabo fired will also tell you where to find me after you do your investigation"

I honestly thought this whole issue with the publicist was over. It's been a while now so I don't understand why he would be fired now over something that happened weeks ago. And if he was fired, it certainly wasn't because of me but his conduct.

I would never wanna sabotage a brotha like that. Yes, he and I had a tiff, actually a huge one. I felt insulted, looked down on and generally disrespected. Naturally I took that up with the relevant authorities at Etv since I have had a good relationship with the company for almost 4 years now. 

I am sharing this with you guys because I know if this is doing the rounds, the truth will get lost  along the way. I have worked hard to get to this point in my career and I will not have it smeared with lies and half truths.

I honestly do not wanna go back to that ugly moment because I thought the publicist and I had gotten over that and we are cool. I have the original email that the publicist sent me that prompted my actions to take up the matter with the management of the department at Etv.

Before you hear just one side of the story and start calling me names read that email and ask yourself what your reaction would have been especially when the attack was unprovoked. 

On the hand anyone who is smart should know that people do not get fired over one incident especially a minor one like that. Much as I believe I have build my career and have earned some respect in the industry, I do not believe that I could get a big company like Etv to fire its stuff.

I didn't know I was that important, which I doubt I am. Before the rumours start spreading further without any factual basis let me ask YOU to use your brain. The incident was over a guest-list, no company would fire someone over that.

Yes the email he sent me was unwarranted and unprofessional but still it wasn't that big of a deal. If the publicist is fired then there has to be more to his being fired than just having a "tiff' with Phil Mphela.   

Just ask me and I will give you the facts and proof before you believe lies about me. I will not allow my name to be slandered.

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Anonymous said...

:( God will deal with them for u:) be strong.

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