Kyla Pratt Is A Hot Mama

Whilst stars like Kim K and Beyonce's lives are splashed on the news all the time, it's hard to believe that a well known celeb can be pregnant and have a child without the public knowing about it. Then again, it depends on how famous you are. If I hadn't put up the pics with the article some of you probably wouldn't have known who Kyla Pratt is. 

The star of "One on One" which was on SABC 1 few years ago is now a grown woman and just announced on BET that she is a proud mother of a baby daughter that she had last year. No word on who the baby's daddy is but rumours around that he is some stripper-turned-tattoo artist.

ohh... they grow up so fast!!

By the way, the starlet is 25 years old this year. Hard to believe. It's funny because after not seeing her on screen for a while I still expected her to be the little girl that stared on Dr DoLittle with Eddie Murphy and that other Disney show. 

Congrats to Kyla. She is definitely a hot mama. 

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