Masello Motana: From Artist to Activist

This week I caught Redi Tlhabi's show on 702 Talk Radio, and was surprised to hear actress/singer/poet/writer, Masello Motana talking politics.

Her interview on the show was to punt September National Imbizo with her colleague in the movement, Andile Mngxitama. The latter was the more vocal of the two and I found myself intrigued by his views and the thought process behind this Imbizo.

The two were saying all the right things like we should hold our politicians accountable, corruption should be eradicated and the people's needs should come before personal enrichment. Naturally, those are views that I concur with so I thought to myself this might be a movement that I would support. Until...

I checked this Andile guy on Facebook and was shocked. He is on this tip of being "radical". First the language he uses is just too vulgar for someone like me to take him serious. Obviously he can clean it up as he did on 702 but by just reading the thing he writes on his Facebook account you can't help but think he is just another Malema with a different agenda. He says the right things sometimes but mostly his message gets marred by his vulgar language. He just comes across as an angry black man with too much time on his hands.

This is his view on mentoring people;
the idea of mentoring anyone, is, i think vulgar and should be frowned upon by radicals. i get lots of requests by young people who ask me to mentor them. how can i mentor anyone? i dont wanna have proteges i want to have comrades and for me age doesnt matter at all and is no excuse for stupidity, sell-out tendancies, arrogance, laziness, and impatient ambition. what i know now i knew most of it when i was 21 anyway. i think mentoring is a commercial concept it cant help critical consciouness.
He continues;
prof ingathi uyadeep ngoku... let me REFLECT on this one! me i imagine and orgy or ideas and moering aanmekaar whilst maintain total black love for each other. for instance i hate it when i hear some cdes disagree on a certain point or even perspective but actually dont make it an open intellectual and ideological battle. also i respect heuy newton more than that radical imbecile elridge cleever and the great mind stockely, coz, of the three patriachs, only huey was able to say, look i was wrong such a such a point(i want to be able t say im was wrong too- lol!). yeah i fight back dirty but still how the fuck we go build a revolutionary movement if we dont do the hard part- criticism? as for those asking for mentorship- me thinks the revolution is the best mentor... we all comrades in this black thing only god knows who it go end!
Yah, tell me if that doesn't make you a little uneasy about the writer of such words. Is this someone you would ever want to support?

Masello protesting against Malema

Anyway, this is supposed to be about Masello. I have been a fan of the former Yizo Yiso and Isidingo star for quiet some time now after seeing her years ago perform a poem with Ntsiki Mazwai at Windybrow Theatre. Soon after that she joined Claire Mawisa and Nicollette on ONE. She was in etv's Scandal not so long ago. I have always loved her for her willingness to be vocal on issues that bother her about the industry but never did I ever think she could be dabbling in a political sphere.

I still don't really get what this Imbizo is all about because the language (not just profanities) is a bit too scary for me. But artists have been active in galvanising change through out history so perhaps this is the beginning of a new movement. Congratulation to Masello and I hope her taking this baton for change will have a positive impact on the change that is needed in this country.

If you are interested in in knowing about this September National Imbizo visit the site HERE. It is an interesting read, I was just put off by the facebook statements by Andile and his friends.


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Those nigros are indeed radical.

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