Modern Family Coming To Etv

Word is: Etv has secured the rights to flight American multi-awards popular series, Modern Family. At the risk of being accused of pushing Etv on my blog again, I have to say, they are really setting itself to be the most entertaining (emphasis on that word) channel on welfare tv.I am loving their line-up. 
In case you havent heard of the show 
The Family 
The Dunphys. 
  • Phil is the enthusiastic, "tries too hard" husband/dad who loves his slightly-uptight (but in a good way) wife, Claire, and their three way different kids. 
  • Haley is the independent, eye-rolling teen. 
  • Middle sister Alex is wise beyond her years and little brother Luke, well, isn't.

 Jay Pritchett, Claire's no-nonsense dad is married to a much younger Colombian beauty named Gloria Delgado. Her passion for life has rubbed off on her young son Manny, who marches to the beat of his own drum, usually in a burgundy dinner jacket. 
Jay's lawyer son, Mitchell, embraced a major life change when he and his free-spirit partner, Cameron, adopted their super-cute Vietnamese baby, Lily. They're learning all the parenting ropes as they go. Fortunately, they have the loving support of their extended, eclectic, ever-funny family.

11 Emmys later and an allegiance of fans all over the world, the show will definitely score some impressive ratings for the channel. Of course we will only be catching up with the US as they are currently on the 3rd season of the show and we starting with season 1. Nonetheless, the show is a definite must watch and it will be replacing another brilliant comedy on the the channel, How I Met Your Mother which ends its current season on the channel in February next year.

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