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Normally I do not write about people, shows or musicians that I am not familiar with. This blog is about my commentary on the stories and the individuals I get exposed to in this industry. I get a lot of emails from fans and amateur performers who want me to help them promote their art and often I just politely tell them to build a repertoire first before they send me their material. 

I received an email about Mathabatha Jobo. I was not familiar with his art but I was very impressed with the amount of work he has taken to build his career. That for me is something worth supporting. Any young person who does not sit around and complain but goes out there and works hard to achieve his or her dreams is worth my endorsement.
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His bio reads:

Born in Alexandra Township 29 years ago, Mathabatha Jobo always had a dream of performing for his people. Having been in the creative industry for ten years as freelance body painter working with artists like Somizi Mhlongo and Iko Mash on various projects, Mathabatha knew that he was made for the stage. This dream started way back in College where he was involved in the arts and drama. 
His debut album, Ngasho, tells a story of where he always wanted to be. In this album he worked with underground producer Dj XQ (Tshepo Mokwebo) of Namo Music, DJ Rewind of Chameleon Studio and Dj Tshepo of Lentsweng Production. He has also featured Amstel Maboa of the 3sum on one of his tracks. 
The journey to his debut album has not been an easy one, having funded the whole project from his personal savings, taught him that courage and determination can go a long way. Three years later Mathabatha realised his dream when he launched his album on the 24th of September. His 12 track album with 2 bonus tracks has songs like Azweke, Ndifumene, Sobohla Manyosi and Juluka. A combination of Afro pop and Afro house. This CD is sure to keep you on your feet at any event.

He has recently shared stages with Lira at Joburg Pride, Stoan, Speedy, Flabba, and Oskido at the Alex Beer fest and Thembisile and Buggy at the Feathers awards. He has been booked for more shows coming as from end of November to December. 
He says he is also an abstract paint artist and has won couple of competitions, Interior Designer, part time hairstylist and now works as an office administrator at Masslift Africa.
This flamboyant boy has a lot to offer Mzanzi with is electrifying dance moves he is sure going to entertain his audience. (sic)

Having watched the performance and listened to the music, I wouldn't say he is my cup of tea. I am not really into that kind of music but nonetheless he does have a flair that could make him a success if he plays his cards right. The attention to detail in his image and set routines is impressive. If you are into the Lebo Mathosa meets Somizi Mhlongo kind of artist then Mathabatha Jobo is sure gonna pique your attention but if you like the said legends separate from each other, then you will find this artist a tad too under par to measure up. 

To find out more about this up and coming artist  read his interview with HERE

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The next big StAr in africa as a whole watch this space

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