New Sitcom For SABC 1: AboMzala

SABC1  and Blackbrain Pictures present AboMzala, a new 13-part comedy series which will start airing from 5 December at 19:00.
Four domestic workers, Thuli, Ella, Zodwa and Thandi - all on the wrong side of 35, navigate their way through mounds of dishes and loads of washing, trying to find what every girl wants…true love. Think Eve from Madam & Eve times 4. That's what I thought when I got this info. The show is produced and created by the same team that brought you City Ses'la on the same channel. 

The award winning City Se'sla garnered huge rating for SABC 1 and still remains the most watched comedy of our time. Will the team manage to bring the same magic with these new show? We all know that domestic workers are a sure for comic character. You can bet that the show will be play off of the stereotypes to get laughs. You will get "mind you language" kind of scene where the language barrier scenario is exploited. You will likely get an over-the-top Madam ...

All I am pointing out is that, the concept for the show is definitely not groundbreaking but will definitely bring some laughter   

Being single and on the wrong side of 35 is a challenge for any woman in Mzansi. Well, at least you’re a powerful professional with the world at your feet, right? Wrong! Meet Thuli, Ella, Zodwa and Thandi, four single domestic workers, doing whatever they can to find Mr. Right. With ironing boards and washing machines being mere distractions for them, these “do it for yourself” women get themselves into all kinds of ridiculous situations chasing true love. If Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City) thought finding love was complicated, she obviously never had to contend with overpowering madams and an environment filled with less than noble suitors.

Main Characters:

Thuli is played by Nqobile Siphamla

The eternal optimist. Her worry is that she’ll never know true love and so she actively seeks out potential life partners, which usually ends in disaster.

Ella is played by Salamina Mosese


Being from Limpopo and the youngest in the group, Ella is also the most naïve. She still believes in fairy tale love and that her knight in shining armour is going to ride in any day now.

Zodwa is played by Lusanda Mbane 

Having already been married and divorced, she is usually the one predicting disaster. She seems to have come to terms with the fact that she’ll never find the man of her dreams, even though she still dreams about him.

is played by Nomsa Buthelezi

She is the hurricane in the group. Filled with attitude and a no-nonsense take on life, she’s always the first to dish out twisted advice. She’s also the only one of the girls who doesn’t seem to be looking for a substantial relationship.

Supporting characters:

Mpho is played by Thembile Botman works at the local shebeen and has a crush on Ella.

Mrs Flamming is played by Jennifer Steyn is Thuli’s eccentric madam. (told'ya)

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