Nick's Car Hijacked And Recovered. Spotlight On Crime In SA

News broke yesterday that Model Lee-Ann Liebenberg's hot husband Nick Van Der Walt's black Range Rover was hijacked outside their home in Johannesburg.  My immediate thought upon hearing this was, 'crime in this country is way over control'. 
We live in prisons instead of homes because we have to think about our security and that of our belongs. We work hard for the things we have and some lazy SOB thinks it's ok for them to just come and take them. Then again when such individuals know that the law of this country will not punish him harshly for such a crime why would he bother rethinking his decision to do it.

Anyway Lee-Ann took to her Twitter account at approximately 12:30 to report that her husband, Nicky van der Walt, had been hijacked and was unharmed.

She later shared details of her husband's car - a Black Range [Rover], licence plate WVK 509 GP - and asked her followers to retweet.

By 15:10 she tweeted: 
"*Great News* Our hijacked car has been found abandoned in Craighall,Jhb. Thanx everyone for ur support,RT's and well wishes. (sic)"
Great news indeed, more so as many South Africans who get hijacked get assaulted or worse killed. Of course when such incident occur to high profile people that's when the powers that be sit up and listen. Hopefully this will put a light on a problem that just doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon.

Our country has become a paradise for criminals and this has to stop. But then again if we keep employing criminals to be police commissioners, what do we expect? When our politicians and their friends get away with defrauding the people how can we then tell our young people that crime doesn't pay? 

With General Cele being suspended for an alleged financial misconduct and now we have a new head of Police, hopefully we will see some changes. Of course the problem goes deeper than just rounding up suspects and arresting them for the crimes, it's the whole culture that needs to change. The mentality of the BLING GENERATION that you must amass wealth as fast as you can and live in opulence without having had to work for that wealth  has to be changed.

We need to instil a sense of pride and working for (earning) your keep. We need to teach (by example) our young people that the road to financial success in life is not through political connection, fraud, corruption or crime. Education should be the pride that we push in encouraging those who want to have a bright future in our nation.

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