No I Do Not Have Female Celebrity Friends

Well, I got this question via and I thought it'd be fun just to answer it here in detail. I honestly do not have any celebrity friends, male or female. That's a decision I made a long time ago not to be too attached to anyone in the busines as sometimes that can cloud one's judgement on certain matters. However, I am human and it's inevitable that when you meet people all the time there are few that you will connect with. So, these are female celebrities that I would never be in the same vicinity with and not just say "Hi" or talk to;

Dineo Ranaka
First time I met Dineo

I met Dineo a while back and she's always been nice to me. I'm a huge fan of her work and just think she's the most real celebrity we have in this country, so how possibly not wanna be in her aura all the time.

Hlelo Masina
First time I met Hlelo

I met Hlelo at the Feather Awards 2010 and immediately took a liking to her because of her bubbly and unguarded personality. For some time now I have been kinda weary of being too nice to her in front her sister, Ntando,  who I find a little too offish at times. They are famous together as "The Twins" so it can be a bit awkward when I find myself just wanting to say 'Hi' to Hlelo without coming off as if I am snubbing Ntando. I tried being nice to Ntando but she always not as warm as Hlelo so I have taken to just giving up and not even bother anymore. I am one person that if you not "feelin' me" I respect your space and just stay away.

Nonhle Thema
First time I met Nonhle

You know...

Uyanda Mbuli
First time I met Uyanda

I met Uyanda just recently. I had to interview her for Zoopy and she was so fun and so confident that I immediately fell in love with her. Anyone who is as candid and down-to-earth as she was on that day would win anyone's heart. Of course now everytime I see her I have to greet her. Plus she is just too fabulous, you want that fabulosity to rub off on yah! :)

Jen Su

First time I met Jen

Jen Jen Jen... love her to bits. This woman has every reason to pull her nose up at people. She is friends with the who's who of SA and has graced red carpets of the world's biggest events yet when you meet her she is just Jen. Always happy to be interviewed or introduce one to someone worth knowing.

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