Oprah Makes R79 A Second and R2billion A Year

So the government is busy bombarding us with adverts about paying our taxes but when we look at our payslips we earning peanuts while politicians and their friends live in a lap of luxury. To make matters worse I came across this breakdown of how much money Oprah Winfrey really makes throughout the course of a year.
Oprah made $315 million last year which in South African Rands amounts to 
R2 513 966 480.45 

which means…

She made $26 million a month = R 207 501 995.21

which means…

She made $6 million a month = R 47885075.81

which means…

She made $35,000 an hour = R 279 329.61

which means…

She made $600 a minute = R 4 788.51

which means…

She made $10 a second = R 79.80

Don't you just wanna hate her ? :)

Breakdown courtesy of MediaTakeout. US figures converted as per the exchange rate between the USD and Rand today.

I'd be beaming too if I made that much money.

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