Rapper Wants To Start A Lipstick Trend

Lawd knows! I tried to ignore this story when I read it few weeks ago. But with Justin Bieber's Pink underwear all over the net and Fat Joe's rant about the Gay mafia in Hip Hop, I just thought it would be interesting to share this with you.

Dallas Rapper, D'Phill is the innovator behind the “XY” movement, a new breed of straight Black American male artists who rock lipstick and tight colourful clothing to blur gender lines. They aim, they say, is to challenge what is considered normal for menswear. The movement asserts that the provocative form of self-expression is not just a gender-bending strategy to amass more listeners but a movement to revolutionalise the way America and the world looks at fashion. 

Thank God those Soweto "iziKhotane-something" boys that were on Cutting Edge can't read or else they would want to copy this since they are almost there anyway, with their floral clothes.

“I had to just break down those barriers in my mind to where I was just confident to do it,”
The 19 year old told news station CW33 in Dallas, while wearing floral leggings, bright pink lipstick and Jordans. Apparently his girlfriend, Joy Nguyn, supports him. She is reported to have said;
“It’s fine. I wear lipstick, he wears lipstick, we share lipstick,”
When asked about the backlash from some people saying he is gay. He responded;
“A lot of people feel like a lot of colors and tight clothes is homosexual, I feel like that it’s more of an expression to me.”

I date guys but I am a guy and would probably question any of my straight friends if they rocked up wearing a lipstick when I don't even wear that. I am all for experimenting and expressing one's self through fashion and trends but personally, I think boys should still look like boys. That is just my opinion or preference. I don't get why boys carry bags so I probably would never understand why a guy would want to wear lipstick.

The positive part of all this is that atleast they are breaking the stereotype of what being a man is. They are breaking the barriers set by societal definitions of what being male and female should look and behave like. For that, I give them props for being pioneers. 

If Kanye West can wear skirts in the name of fashion, and Justin Bieber wear pink underwear, why can't Daryll wear his lipstick!!

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