So Justin Bieber Wears Pink Underwear, Who Cares?

Clearly  millions of people around the world do because the net has been abuzz about Justin's pink bloomers. Lol, eish seems like Biebs can't catch a break these days. Hot off of the baby mama drama, he is now slapped with this gay/metro-sexual drama.

Anyway, so Justin and Selena were hanging out in California and Justin being a "brotha" was sagging his pants like all of these rappers around. Unfortunately someone would have schooled homeboy that if you gonna show off your ass to the world you probably don't wanna be wearing a PINK underwear. Especially when you are Justin Bieber who is photographed everywhere he goes.

You guys know where I stand on labeling people as gay without them actually talking about so I will not entertain the gay rumours swelling around him. Just because a guy has a bit of a feminine touch it doesn't mean he is gay, right?

I however have had some reservation in believing that Justin and Selena are a real item. The whole romance has always look contrived to me from the word GO!. I stated here about this whole thing. No surprise that Selena would not tell her "boyfriend" not to show off his pink underwear in public, for me.

Then again, it's not like the guy is wearing a pink G-string. Chill mense!! This shouldn't come as a huge shock anyway. After all, Justin's been "metro-sexing" and gender-bending for quite a while - sporting double earrings, launching a line of nail polishes and a fragrance. That doesn't scream Macho Macho man now does it?

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