Tom Cruise's Son Pulls A Lady Gaga To Spite Him

Yes, Tom Cruise has a son. Before TomKat and its spawn Suri, Tom was a doting father to his two adopted kids Connor and Bella. The kids were adopted during his marriage to Nicole Kidman. Back then Tom was a hands-on father to Connor and would be photographed with him on movie sets. That was then, now that princess Suri is in the picture it would appear that Connor has been put on the sideline, and judging by his latest stunt, he ain't feelin' it! hommie!

Happy family: Nicole Kidman, Connor, Tom and Isabella Cruise

Suri Cruise probably has her own private PR team since she is always being photographed in fashionable clothes ala Katie. She will grow up with that kind of shield from making public blunders.

That is undoubtedly not case with the other two Cruise kids who have managed to live life outside of the Hollywood spotlight. Both Connor and Bella Cruise, seem like relatively low-key kids. You don’t see much of them in the tabloids, or at least you didn’t, but all that might be about to change.

Read the extract from In Touch below
Most kids spend their childhood under their parents’ thumbs — it kind of goes with the territory. But a family friend says that Tom has been unusually strict, and that Connor is finally getting sick of it. “He’s starting to rebel against his father and the other components in their life, maybe even Scientology,” the friend says. Connor was raised in Tom’s controversial religion, but he has recently been seen wearing Christian symbols, like crosses and a Jesus pendant. “He wants to be independent,” the friend says, “but Tom doesn’t want to give up control over his son.” 

From the outside, Connor Cruise looks like one of the luckiest kids on the planet: His parents and stepparents are world-famous entertainers and — materially, at least — he wants for nothing. But the truth is tragically more complicated. As a source close to him tells In Touch, “Connor has always had a difficult relationship with his parents, and it has definitely affected him. He has broken down crying about it.” 

The 16-year-old (as well as his sister, Isabella, 18) was adopted by Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman when he was a newborn. And he has long strugged with insecurity about his place in the family. “When he was young,” the source says, “Tom was always off doing his thing, working like a mandman. He traveled all the time, and was totally focused on his career. When he came home, he didn’t always have much left to give.” While Tom’s rep unsurprisingly denies the story, as a result, the source claims Tom, 49, and Connor’s relationship became strange and cold. “Tom is a very difficult man to get to know on a deep level. It’s almost like he treats Connor like a business associate rather than a son.” 

Unfortuantely, Connor’s relationship with Nicole isn’t any better. “She wasn’t the best mom to him and Isabella,” the source says. His parents divorced in 2001, when Connor was just 6. And though, for a time, Nicole made an effort to stay involved in her kids’ lives, she had a miscarriage after Tom started the divorce proceedings, and it was hard for her to cope. “She forgot so many things, like school pickups and projects; she was a wreck, and probably had trouble giving them the affection they needed from her,” the source says. 

Eventually, Nicole moved back to Australia. The source thinks Connor had been dealing with abandonment issues as a result of being adopted, and it was possibly the worst thing that could have happened. Until, that is, his half-siblings were born and he saw how differently their lives are from his. 

On one hand, yes, Suri — Tom’s daughter with Katie Holmes — has a strange, sheltered life. But her parents also unabashedly lavish the 5-year-old with attention, fancy family trips and essentially whatever her heart desires materially. And Connor has had to watch jealously from the wings as his icy father grows warmer and warmer to his half-sister. “Connor loves Suri,” the source says. “But he also thinks she gets a lot more of Tom’s time and attention than they ever got.” 

The same goes for Nicole’s daughters with her husband, Keith Urban. 

Now, the family friend says, “Connor is at a crossroads in his life. He’s been pushing for more freedom — he wants to drive a car and date whomever he chooses.” And this could spark a major war at home with his control-freak dad, who’s so notoriously stubborn about his beliefs. But ultimately, Connor’s move to separate himself from the family could be a good thing. And ironically, it may just be the best way to finally get Tom’s attention.
- InTouch 

So, according to In Touch, 16-year-old Connor has slipped into a period of teenage rebellion. What better way to get your father's attention than to knock his religious beliefs, that will sure make him stand up and notice. 

Late last month when Connor showed up on a Nickelodeon red carpet he was wearing a highly conspicuous Jesus necklace (see photo above). Now hold up!

The history of the Bible stands in direct contrast to the teachings of Scientology, so I guess if you’re the son of Tom Cruise and you show up at a public event wearing Jesus on your neck, it’s sort of like wearing a giant Satan necklace to the Pope’s house.

That is something that we'd expect Lady Gaga to do not sweet boy Connor, so what is the story there?

The replacements: Nicole and husband Keith Urban with their kids, Faith and Sunday Rose

Hard to believe that Connor’s mom is actually, Nicole Kidman. Forget that she is white but I have yet to hear her talk about Connor or even Bella. Celebrity parents are always happy to talk about parenthood and their kids but Mrs Keith Urban never acknowledges her adopted kids.

Does she even have any contact with them? At-least Tom does sometimes talk about them. Judging by this neglectful parenting by both Nic and Tom it is not surprising that the boy would have rebellious and jealousy issues.

In 2008 Connor made his film debut playing a young version of Will Smith's character in Seven Pounds . At the premiere of the movie, which Connor would have probably been excited about, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman didn't bother to pitch.

This was their son's FIRST movie and they couldn't have been bothered to get in their jets and come to support him? Tom's excuse for not turning up at a movie premiere starring his own 13 year old son - he was doing publicity rounds in New York for his movie "Valkyrie".

Seriously? he wasn't even out of the country. As for Nicole... she didn't bother to make an excuse. 

The replacement: Daddy Tom with his daughter (princess) Suri.

In Touch’s secret source says the father/son relationship has been strained for a long time, and that Connor has trouble watching his dad play the doting dad to Suri when he feels he was denied the same special treatment. “Tom is a very difficult man to get to know on a deep level. It’s almost like he treats Connor like a business associate rather than a son,” says the source.

It’s unclear whether Connor, who is DJ'ing now, has specific issues with Scientology or if he just sees betraying the church as a good way to push his dad’s buttons. 

Either way, he has sure caught his attention and that of the world media. It doesn't hurt that the boy is quiet a looker too. Oh they grow up so fast.

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