Tyler Perry Fans Ask That He Fire Kim Kardashian

Lawd knows, I tried to avoid any mention of Kim Kardashian's divorce on my blog because I believe certain issues do not deserve any more publicity than need to. Anyway, today I went through the net and came across a story about Tyler Perry fans demanding that he remove Kim K from his up coming movie "The Marriage Counsellor". This threw me off a bit. Does Kim's personal life have any bearing in her (cough) artistic abilities. Movies are about entertainment and some escapism... right?!

Personally I think it wouldn't make financial sense for Tyler to fire Kim. I am definitely going to see the movie just to see if Kim can actually act. I also believe the movie will now get a lot of attention based on Kim K's personal turmoils. Why then would Tyler pass off on this free publicity? On the other hand, Perry has made a big fuss about his movie representing the moral fibre of our society ... blah blah blah... and that has made him milllions. He definitely wouldn't wanna piss off his fans who flock to cinemas to see his preachy movies.

This is what some of those unhappy fans had to say as reported by EurWeb;

One wrote,
“Mr. Perry, when I first heard you had selected Kim to star in a role in one of your movies, I dismissed it as a typo. I’m not sure what you expect her to bring to your set.”
Another wrote,
 “I believe it is against your better judgment to have Kim Kardashian star as a supporting actress in your upcoming movie. You still have a moral responsibility to your supporters to maintain a level of integrity when it comes to casting your movies. I have to boycott this film if Kim Kardashian is part of this project.”
Another weighed in with, 
“Kim Kardashian in your movie? Why have you stooped so low?”
Still another commented; 
“Well Tyler, since you are going ahead and keeping Kim Kardashian in your new movie in spite of how your fans feel tells it all. You’re beginning to sound arrogant. I feel so proud of how hard you work and how connected you are to your fan base. I don’t see it as your fans telling you what to do I feel like we can because of our undying support, but dang it Tyler Perry, Kim Kardashian does not fit.”
I think this is just absurd. And here I thought only South Africans liked to complain toooooo much :)

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