When Bad Photographers Happen To Beautiful People

I have noticed a disturbing trend in Mzansi when it comes to photographers covering the red carpet. Every time when I go on Google sourcing pictures of local celebrities I am always confronted with this horror.

I understand that our industry is small but I think photography schools should start doing tutorials on how to photograph the red carpet. It's the same issue across the board. In fact I find that pictures taken by amateur photographers on blogs tend to be more appealing than the ones on mainstream publications like magazines and newspapers.

Which begs the question; Who hires these people? And why would anybody allow these pictures to be published whether in print or online? They diminish the professionalism of the publications.

Today I was surfing the net looking for pictures of the winners at the Feather Awards, lo and behold, I came across these pictures on SowetanLive. This is SOWETAN not some B-rate website yet these horrendous pics ended up on a gallery on their website.

Minnie Dlamini
Miriam Mgomane
Lunga Shabalala
Tshidi Mholo

Now look at these pictures below taken by a blogger for Justcurious. He/she was probably using a normal camera that we all have in our houses. Though the resolution is not that great, the pictures look beautiful and capture the moments stunningly.

When you covering the red-carpet there are 3 things that you should be trying to capture; The overall look of your subject, the clothes and interesting features on that subject.

You always want to get the right angle so that the picture doesn't look like it was taken by a fan on his/her phone. Unless if you are specifically looking to make your subject to look bad. Even then you still take a good picture but highlight the flaws that will make the article, if the context is about exposing those flaws. You would think these photographers would know that.

On the other hand, celebs needs to also learn how to pose on the red carpet. Always make sure that your best features are accentuated hence the term "my best angle". Sorry to Velaphi Nhlapo who took those pictures for SowetanLive as this might seem like it's a personal attack on his abilities but it is not.

This is across the board as I stated. It is a problem that every publication in SA seem to have.

Eish Mzansi and mediocrity!!

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