When Twitter Goes Wrong: Durex Sexist Blunder

As Mzansi gears itself up to commemorate 16 Days Of Activism Against Women And Children, feminist groups and civil society is up in arms over a Durex twitter sexist blunder that occured on Thursday. 

The account "@DurexSA" had been tweeting jokes about sex during the day, but hit a wrong nerve with this tweet;
"Why did God give men penises? So they'd have at least one way to shut a woman up" 

Immediately @FeministsSA reacted and tweeted,

"Wonder if @Durex_USA supports @DurexSA 's stance on violence against women - penises for keeping women quiet?? WTF" 

The DurexSA account later posted an apparent defence of the jokes

"our followers who we engage with regularly loves it & the those who dont, com[p]lain",

followed by;

"We have posted many jokes, see our timeline… And they not violent against woman! Re-read it!!!!!".

@RapeCrisis responded by tweeting that even when said in jest, jokes promoting sexism were "part of the system that promotes rape"

An apology from Durex South Africa was later issued:

"We're really sorry for causing offence today, not intentional. We believe in the rights of woman and safe sex. Thanks for putting us right." 

Of course as they always say, there no such thing as bad publicity, Durex's twitter account has now earned itself a substantial number of new followers as of Thursday.

This whole thing brought something to my mind that I have been pondering on for few weeks now. Have you noticed how all the "erectile dysfunction" ads on TV right now feature blacks while the sexy ads advertising massage oils like the current Durex ad, feature white folks. Lol, I am not trying to start a racial thing here, but it is an interesting observation.

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