Drunk Rihanna Vomits During Concert

Who would have thought this hot Babadian starlet who burst into fame with the catchy "Pon De Replay" hit would end up being a worn-out drunk by 23 after just 6 years in the business.

When she dubbed herself "good girl gone bad" none of us could have anticipated that things would get this bad. 

While performing her hit single “What’s My Name,” in Lisbon over the weekend, 23-year-old Rihanna forgot the lyrics to her own song, and slurred some of her words. 

Within few minutes, Rihanna gestured to someone in the audience indicating that she was about to hurl.

Moments later Rihanna disappeared into the darkness off the side of the stage. Rumors began to swirl almost immediately on Twitter that the singer was stumbling drunk and vomiting during her concert. 

Later that night, Rihanna took to her Twitter page and admitted that she did indeed throw up; 

This incident comes after a string of very unfortunate events that have been reported about the singer. From her provocatively raunchy performance, to her girl-on-girl scandal in her native country to reports just recently that she forgot the lyrics to her own song during a performance in Belgium last year.

Just last month she was reported to have been visibly shaky and gave a very week performance in London at Capital FM’s Jingle Ball.

Who can also forget her very public breakup with Chris Brown which ended in violence. Public symapathy, court cases, Chris' apology then Rihanna's stupid comments about the incidents which led to her sympathetic fans turning against... blah blah blah.

Basically, thought she might have sang proudly that; It's only up from here, no downward spiral, it would appear that the negative publicity is starting to affect her fan pool.

Her latest albumn, Talk That Talk, barely cracked the 300 thousands sales mark in the U.S. last week. Her attitude towards her fans and the media hasn't really been anything to write home about either so no surprise that with even over 10 million followers on Twitter.com, she may have lost favour with music buyers.

The girl that was once compared to Beyonce is now a far cry from the classy lady Bey is. Rihanna has becoming nothing but a mean drunk and now... unprofessional too. This is sad given how talented this young lady is. 

Let's hope we won't be saying to her freakin career anytime soon and she cant clean up her act. 

Watch the video below;


John-T said...

Hi Phil. Do you read Sandra Rose?

PhilMphela said...

Yes and Toya's World. Radar-On-Line. I read everything :)

Anonymous said...

Sandra Rose is the best Urban blogger around. Rihanna is just tired, she needs a break and some great sex. That's all.

PhilMphela said...

Lol, LSZ

Right to the point.

Anonymous said...

Like it,you include Rihanna in you blog I would like you find out for me,when will she visit South Africa if you can.other wise great job.♥Cholofelo

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