Due Date For Willow Albumn Revealed

With the popularity of "Whip My Hair" and Willow being everywhere these days you would be forgiven for thinking that she actually has a CD out. Well she doesn't. Like people Nicki Minaj, her fame came with one hit single.

Willow Smith recently discussed her new album on “106& Park.” Although the artist will debut her “Fireball” music video next week, the album with the hit single will not premiere until April 3, 2012.

She excitedly told them, 
“I’m very excited because I get to express myself through my music and have like other people relate to what I’m talking about; having a base of music that people can listen to that’s inspiring and inspires me.” Willow describes her new album as “more upbeat, but then as you go down, it’s going to get more soft.” 

I love "Fireball" especially the Nicki Minaj rap on it. Clearly Willow was not a one hit wonder. Will her albumn prove that she has staying power? 

In case you haven't heard "Fireball"

 Fireball (Feat. Nicki Minaj)

Check out Willow’s interview with Radio Disney below;

Official music Video for "Fireball" drop in few weeks. You'll be sure to view it right here.

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