Forbes 2011 List of The Top Earning Women In Music

Alicia Keys makes a surprise appearance on “Forbes” magazine’s 2011 list of The Top-Earning Women in Music. While South Africans were all gaga over Zahara making R75 000 per performance the ladies overseas are ranking in some serious ching.

Pop music is still a big bank balance booster as four of the top 5 women on the list are Pop singer. Country singer, Taylor Swift , comes in second place. Considering that she too is not exclusively country but dabbles with pop, it is fair to say pop music rules this list.

No surprise to see mommy-to-be Beyonce checking in at number four, with 35 million dollars between May of 2010 and May of 2011. Rihanna comes in at number five with 29 million dollars during that same time span. Good to see that RNB sensation Alicia Keys also makes “Forbes’” list this year. 

Here’s full “Forbes” magazine’s 2011 list of The Top-Earning Women in Music

1. Lady Gaga, $90-million 
2. Taylor Swift, $45-million
3. Katy Perry, $44-million
4. Beyonce Knowles, $35-million
5. Rihanna, $29-million
6. Pink, $22-million
7. Carrie Underwood, $20-million
8. Celine Dion, $19-million
9. Adele, $18-million
10. Britney Spears AND Alicia Keys, $10million

Let's do the math, shall we?

Today the exchange rate between the South African Rand and US Dollar was R8,35 to $1.00. That means the highest earning woman on the list, Lady Gaga, with 90 million dollars earned over 754 million rands in just 12 months.

The least earning on the list which happens to be a tie between Britney and Alicia - they each earned R83 794789.53, to be exact.

Makes our industry look like child's play doesn't it? Even if Zahara performed every day for a whole year at R75 000 a performance she would not even come close to any of those ladies. She would only make about R27mil which barely makes a dent on any on those above numbers.

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