I happened to be channel surfing two weeks back and I came across a show on SABC 1 called Sistaz With Soul. When I tuned in, Lupi was on screen talking about how Thandizwa came to be the force that she is today. I am not gonna pretend that I am a fan of hers but I was captivated by the stories behind these remarkable women who have helped shape our cultural and musical heritage.

Here's a synopsis of the show as provided by the SABC: 

Every now and then the universe introduces to us individuals or brands that always seem to know how to engineer a profound sound that captures the essence of a generation at the right time. In South Africa this heritage has seen the rise of crooners and songstresses that have commanded somewhat of a cult status. 

Names such as Lira, Siphokazi, Wanda Baloyi, Thandizwa Mazwai, Unathi, Simphiwe Dana, Pebbles, Zamajobe and many others become the foot soldiers of a musical revolution that is Afrosoul, Ladies of Soul. 

On paper they are award-winner, role models, ambassadors of Mzansi as the ultimate melting pot of cultures, they are the modern IT Girls, the epitome of sass, the uber divas – sometimes they’re brash, ambitious, controversial, and arrogant. 

Although they continuously claim the ‘girl-next-door-status,’ they always attract the wanted and unwanted swarm of tabloid story seekers. After all nothing beats the who, what, when, and how, when it comes to our favourite divas. 

Ladies of Soul journeys through the lives and times of your favourite stars, Afrosoul stars. 

About the Show: Sistaz with Soul 

The television series is a 6 part, 48 min music documentary series that through interviews, live footage and archive material, chronicles the lives of a selected group of ladies such as Lira, Thandizwa Mazwai, Simphiwe Dana, Zama Jobe, Siphokazi, Wanda Baloyi, who have collectively popularized the music genre that came to be know as Afro-Soul. 

The show celebrates their individual achievements. Through a series of talks with those who are close to them and knows them, those who had chance encounters with them, fans, friends, and the ones who have been touched by their music, we’ll get and up close and personal look at the lives and times of these ladies of soul. 

Through and approach of light entertainment, this show not only celebrates individual lives but also sends an inspirational message; something that opens up to any individual and audience. 

AFRO-SOUL is one of one of the most meaningful and energetic African musical sound, which the modern Africa has to offer. With their charming characters and amazing voices, the front-runners of this genre in South Africa bring peace and healing. 

The music has the magic attitude to happiness and the artists who sing it share their hearts with such authentic energy that it is impossible to resist the good vibrations. With its songs Afro-soul somehow fills empty voids, possess the power to inspire and encourage one to believe in themselves and life and not to give up hope. 

The films will not only focus on the major and positive events on the subject lives, but the difficult moments as well, the ups and downs in life. The character’s faults and mistake, the small but worthy of note instances and fetishes; believing that one’s failure and mistakes in life, can bring up a strong, smart, wiser, intelligent and successful human being. 

These South African women have been celebrated and continue to be celebrated in the tabloids and academia alike; their career milestones keep them as relevant to today’s South Africa as ever. 


This is indeed SABC 1's gem of 2011. I am ashamed to say that I have not being a big supporter of local music. My job as a presenter though, has exposed me to a lot of the talent we have in this country and I have actually now fallen in love with few local musicians' music.

I now count people like Simphiwe Dana as my favourite artists of our generation. What a pleasure it is to have a show like this that takes a clueless fan like myself on a journey of learning how my favourite artists have had to take to reach the pinnacle of their careers.

Whether you are a fan pf these women or not, the stories that are told in this show are inspirational. They are stories of perseverance, endurance and sheer God-given talent shining -- deservedly so.

The show definitely gets a thumbs up from me. It is a refreshing definite must-watch!

Catch Sistas With Soul on SABC 1, Tuesdays at 21h00

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