Jub Jub Case Investigating Officer Killed

BREAKING NEWS: If the Jub Jub case was a reality show, it would rank in huge rating. This is the stuff that Soap Operas are made of. You honestly can not make this things up - the fashion, the betrayal and now the murder of one of a key player in this saga. 

It is disheartening that all these things are somewhat taking the spotlight away from the case. The fact that 4 young kids who had a future ahead of them are dead is sometimes being lost in all these other stuff. It broke my heart that someone said 'Jub Jub will walk' when this latest story broke.

On Tuesday evening, Major Moses Segapho was investigating another case when he was shot dead by two armed men in Kliptown, Soweto.

The police’s Tshisikawe Ndou said, “When he was about to get out of his vehicle, he was attacked by two armed suspects, who shot him. The suspects fled from the scene.” 

He said the motive for the killing is not yet known and nobody has been arrested. Authorities are investigating a case of murder. 

How will this latest situation affect the Jub Jub murder case?

Condolescenses to Officer Segapho's family. Another South African gives his life to protect us. #sad

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