Khanyi Mbau, A Snitch? You Don't Say ...

I didnt know whether to laugh or be appalled when I read about Mandla Lamba's story on Sunday Sun. Self-proclaimed billionaire, Mandla Lamba claims that his friend, the self-proclaimed queen of bling Khanyi Mbau snitched on him.

Mandla tells the paper;
“It was on a Tuesday. I was moving from Mandela Square to Melrose Arch all day, meeting business associates from Bafokeng Mines. I initially thought it was Kenny Kunene, but I was wrong.” 
“She was begging me to give her R8 500 for rent. And she kept asking: ukuthi ngikuphi? 
“Now I’m convinced that most definitely she’s the one who led amagatha (police) to the spot where they captured me. Even when we dated, she never called more than five times.” 
“Khanyi was the only person who kept on calling me to ask where I was – on the day I was arrested"

The paper also claims that Khanyi received a reward for R40 000 for turning in the fugitive.

It is important to take everything that Mandla says with a pinch of salt. This is a guy who is notorious for fabricating stories.

In May this year he was arrested at Mandela Sqaure in Sandton after a tip off to the police and is facing chrges of two counts of culpable homicide, 12 counts of fraud and theft.

The culpable homicide charge against Lamba relates to a 2007 Roodepoort car crash in which Wayne Greeff and his son Brandon, 8, were killed.

It is believed Mandla defrauded several taxi owners under the pretence that he would buy them vehicles provided they deposited R40 000 into his account.

It’s further believed that he owes a security company R45 000 for bodyguards.

Soon after Mandla's arrest celebrity lawyer Zola Majavu told the media that he wanted R120 000 for services he rendered to Lamba when Lamba was falsely arrested alongside six other people for a robbery at NWJ Jewellers in Northgate in October 2010.

Zola also lodged a lawsuit of R14 million against the police on Lamba’s behalf but in May he was reported to have cut all contact with Lamba, including the lawsuit against police.

Whether Mandla's claims about Khanyi are true or false, I have to admit that they raised an interesting thought on my mind. Assuming they are true, did Khanyi exercise her civic duty as a citizen of this country and helping to get a fugitive behind bars or she used an opportunity to make a quick buck at her friend's expense?

Khanyi have recently told Noeleen on 3Talk that she has turned a new leaf so we can assume that she is not associating her self with alleged criminals. I bet you can';t wait for that tell all book of hers now. It looks like Ms K has been living a pretty interesting life beyond the Lambos and bling jewels. Atleast we will perhaps get to know where the money for her bling lifestyle came from.

Khanyi said the much anticipated book will be out in January after countless postponements. 

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