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I have avoided commenting on Mshoza's story because I genuinely believe that we are all entitled to our own choices. As such I do not think we have any right to dictate to Mshoza or any adult on what to do with their bodies.

No-one deserves to be rebuked, ridiculed and judged the way some South Africans have judged Mshoza instead of trying to understand the root of the shocking choices she has made in her life. 

People do not just wakes up and decide to bleach their skin so they can be white out of the blue.

Clearly there are some deep rooted issues there that we should have encouraged her to face instead of judging or calling her names. 

You have seen the stories;

October 2011 IOL report:

She appears to be doing a “Michael Jackson” – lightening her skin and surgically altering her appearance – but kwaito musician Mshoza is determined to make her mark on life. 
“Calm down!” she says to naysayers after widespread reaction to her latest skin-bleaching venture. 
Unperturbed by derogatory statements and jokes on social networking sites, Mshoza (also known as Nomasonto Mnisi) yesterday said she worked hard to afford the life she now leads. 
“Thirteen years ago, while other girls wore heels, I opted for takkies and Kangol hats, all in the name of making it big in the music industry. Nobody said anything then. 
“Before my fame I went to bed without eating but made up for it through hard work. I don’t understand why people now have a problem with me using my money to do whatever I want. It’s my life. 
“Perhaps they should start living a little instead of eating a bowl of negativity all the time,” she said. 
According to the singer, who has already spent hundreds of thousands on rhinoplasty (her nose), breast augmentation and a tummy tuck, her look, which is set to cost her millions, is only the beginning of a lengthy and complicated process. 
“I’m consulting three dermatologists. They have completed the first phase. I don’t really look pale at the moment. But yes, when everything is said and done I will look like a white person. From head to toe. I might also have to redo the rhinoplasty to fit my new skin. But this doesn’t mean I’ll start singing pop music or act differently. 
“I’ll still be the same person my fans know.” 
The singer, popularly known for her song Kortez, said she was unable to say when the surgery would be completed. 
She poured cold water on suggestions that she was emulating pop icon Michael Jackson.
“My nose definitely won’t fall off, nor will I have to hide certain parts of my face and body for the rest of my life. That’s why we’re taking time on this. 
“Michael Jackson did the entire thing on his terms and I’m doing it on my terms. So people should stop holding up umbrellas when they see me. I won’t melt,” she said. 
The mother of two revealed that the reasons behind her skin colour changes were a sore subject for her. 
“In the past I had to use heavy make-up to hide the blotches on my face. I’ve always had skin problems and it somehow lowered my confidence. At least now I can do something about it.” 
Asked if she was unhappy with the way she had been born, a confident Mshoza replied: “I don’t have a problem with the way God created me. In fact I love him. I pray all the time. 
“I’m just doing what I love. The same people who are criticising me for doing this have fake hair, nails and lashes. 
“I’ve received many calls from people saying they wanted to do the same thing.”
Mshoza said her husband was supportive and that her children were not bothered by her new look. 
“Perhaps they’ll start asking questions when they’re much older. I’ll just tell them that we are not white and that mommy only wanted a fair skin. They can do the same when they are older. If they want to.” 
Meanwhile, some Twitter users have gone as far as to say Mshoza was recruiting white masses for the Democratic Alliance among other remarks about the kwaito queen’s new looks. 
But Mshoza said she and her business tycoon husband, Jacob Mnisi, shrugged it off.
“We read all these comments when we’re together and laugh about them. They all sound ridiculous. 
“He’s happy and I’m happy about the changes. That is all that matters,” she said.

14 December 2011, City Press:

Controversial kwaito singer Mshoza, real name Nomasonto Mnisi, was admitted to a Witbank hospital after taking an overdose of pills, reports Drum magazine. 
Mshoza allegedly tried to end her life by taking a handful of pills and fell into a coma. She was found unconscious by one of her husband’s assistants at the couple’s home in Witbank and was rushed to the Life Cosmos private hospital. 
Mshoza has been married to business tycoon Jacob Mnisi (45) for four years and the couple have two children together. 
Alex Matsimane, a spokesperson for her husband, told Times Live that Mshoza was “out of danger” after waking up from her coma yesterday and had spoken to her husband and even managed to eat without assistance.

Lightened skin controversy

“Jacob is still very emotional and puzzled as to why she would want to leave him and their two kids behind. He’s very hurt, but is a man of God and has hope,” added Matsimane.  
Despite the family setback, Jacob Mnisi has refused to cancel a huge Christmas party planned for the Witbank community this weekend. 
Mshoza, a 28-year-old Soweto-born singer, sparked controversy in November when she appeared on the cover of Drum to reveal her new skin colour, which she had lightened in a cosmetic procedure.
Drum reports that this apparent attempt to end her own life came after Jacob apparently left their home to live with his girlfriend in Pretoria. The identity of the girlfriend, who is rumoured to be pregnant with Jacob’s child, is not yet known.

Picture by Themba Maseko

Get well soon!!!


'melo said...

Batho ba iketsa dilo, go public and expect people not to talk. Wa gafa this woman!
"If you dont want people to talk about you, go be a teacher or something"

anon capetown said...

Mshoza is sick period she is not comfortable in her own skin with all the things that she has reali money cant buy u luv

KASI with ME said...

hai Mme o, ke mekwela mohloko. ga skin sa gae se thoma go shrinka o tlabo a khukhuna ka ambrela boshigo.

Anonymous said...
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