My Top 10 Beyonce Remixes

I like Beyonce but quiet often I find myself more in love with remixed version of her songs than the originals. I have written about how much I like mashups and remixes, of any song. With every albumn or single that Bey releases you can be sure that someone, somewhere will remix it. These are my favourite remixes, mashups and duets added to Beyonce songs.

NOTE: To listen to the tracks you would have to open this article using a computer instead of a phone as some Blackberrys and smartphones do not show the "player".
  • Sweet Dreams (Ft. Nicki Minaj)

This mix was the first track that made me sit up and notice that Nicki Minaj has arrived. Her rap part is actually what makes this track worth putting on repeat over and over.


  • Sexy Little Thug

Not so long ago when Beyonce did not take herself too seriously, she recorded this cute track which is a remix of 50 Cent's "In Da Club".


  • If I Were A Boy (Ft Lee Carr)

One of the best duets of our time, if you ask me. Lee Carr marvels in this track you would have thought this duet was actually planned for the song when it was originally written. Quiet often this Boy answers Girls kinda tracks don't work well as sometimes the lyrics sound forced but Lee Carr and Beyonce's synergy just blends well. It doesn't hurt that Lee is an awesome singer too.


  • Move Your Body

From BDay comes this other version of the mega hit, Get Me Bodied. Beyonce re-recorded the track with the new lyrics after teaming up with Michelle Obama on "Let's Move. Flash Workout" campaign to curb child obesity in the United States. The Swizz Beat track was accompanied by an instructional exercise video.


  • End Of Time Never Let Me Go

From Bey's Latest albumn comes this remix that just takes this track to another lever. I have to admit that I wish there was more of the rapping in the song than just at the beginning but nonetheless, this is an awesome track to jam especially if you driving.


  • Single Ladies (Ft Nicki Minaj)

Single Ladies was a smash on it's own but Nicki's added rap just gives it that extra som'thing-som'thing.


  • Run The World And Build A Nation

Few remixes have tried to save this atrocious song but many have failed. Once again, Minaj to the rescue. This mashup makes this song tolerable.


  • The Best Thing I Never Had (Remix)


  • If I Were A Boy  (Karmatronic Mix)

  • Ego
A bit explicit but still fun.



  • Lil Wayne - Upgrade You



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