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I love blogging and reading blogs. One thing I do not like are complicated sites. That just takes the fun out of blogging. Unfortunately I have had to lock the "Anonymous" comments option because some people were abusing it. From now on you will have to be registered to comment on any of the articles. 

Here's how:

So you reading an article and want to say something about?
  • Step 1

Write your comment then click publish, the site will automatically take you to STEP 2 if you not registered.
  • Step 2

If you are not registred or DO NOT have a google account then click at the TOP RIGHT corner where it says "sign in for a new google account"
  • Step 3


  • Step 4

Once you've registered then you will just have to click publish once you have written you comments in future. 
The whole registering process will take less than 2 minutes or less depending on how fast your server is. Plus you get a new email adress with GMAIL. You can also use the same info to open a YOUTUBE account and your own BLOG.

Simple. For you further convenience I have  created channels for people you love reading about a lot here. On the left hand site of the page are pictures of celebs. When you click on any of those pictures a list of articles associated with that person will open up, making it easy to read and follow news about a specific star you like

Just click on Lunga's pic and articles about him will open

Every week a list of the most read articles appear on the site. These are just random articles that happened to be popular this week

For other topics, just scroll all the way down and you will see these TAGS. If you click on the word e.g. MUSIC. All the music articles with open. The numbers next to the words are the amount of articles that are associated with that particular name or word.

Now that you all registered and having fun reading the articles, watching the videos or listening to the tracks, you probably wanna know who else is online or is reading the same stuff you reading. That's what the Live Feed. It tells what are the latest articles being read.

And the red box on the left middle left of the page with a number on it, tells you how many people are on this blog at that time.

Should you want to SHARE on Facebook Or TWEET the article. Then this are the options.

I hope this makes you experience here simpler.

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