Nonhle Thema The Musician

It should come as no surprise that a TV presenter would be venturing into a music career but I have to admit that I had to pause for a sec when I heard that former VUZU "it" girl, Nonhle Thema is in studio recording music. 

Say what? I did not know that Nonhle can sing let alone carry a note but word is that the pint sized controversial star is no newbie at this. Apparently she sung the theme song for her now defunct reality show, Nonhle Goes To Hollywood.   

Ok ... ok ... I know what you thinking and quiet frankly I thought the same thing too. Nonhle's Twitter rants have done some irreparable damage to her brand. She has fallen out of favour with a lot of people in Mzansi and that has closed some doors for her, as it has been widely reported.

After being rejected by SABC 1 when she auditioned for RGB and we can also can also bet our broke behinds (as she will remind us at any given chance) that she will not be doing radio anytime soon after dissing yfm, we can assume that this move to music is her way of recapturing her former glory as the envy of all young South Africans -  jet-setting all over the world meeting big stars like Lady Gaga.

The only problem that I have with this whole thing is that, one would think Nonhle would want to distance herself from this Twitter drama and move on but NO. According to Daily Sun, Nonhle will be capitalising on her Twitter fame. 

Yep, the paper reports that she recorded a song called Precious Ivy with hip-hop producer Bongani Fassie, new rap star Lagosh and Angolan rapper Jay last week. Apparently the lyrics feature a lot of "Sit Downs" - a phrase that is synonymous with her Twitter notoriety.

Why oh why, would Nonhle want to keep this Twitter thing going even when it is evident that it is not doing her career any good, beats me. When will South Africans learn that this is not Hollywood. Bad publicity in South Africa can definitely ruin careers. 

We are not a country of second chances as we would love the world to think. When we get fed up with something, we done and it is over. Nonhle should have just taken a break from the limelight, re-brand her image and for heaven's sake stay away from Twitter.

For as long as she is associated with Twitter no-one in their right mind would take her seriously. As such I do not believe that trying to capitalise on the Twitter thing is a good idea.

Nonhle should just write off this Twitter thing as a folly of one's youth and reinvent herself. Human beings love reformed sinners. Yes, it will take some time for South Africans to stop mocking her and some what judging her but we do get over things like that.

All she ought to be doing is admitting that she made a mistake. I still to this day believe that the Twitter thing was a marketing strategy went wrong. If she could just let it go and go back to the Nonhle that we loved before these silly tirades she could be the force that she was destined to be before all this madness. 

Deep down and having met and got to know her as a friend, I know she is not the self absorbed, rude and provocative person she has come to be known as now. Fame is a monster we all fall prey to. We say and do things sometimes to feed this monster that might not be of our true character. We are humans afterall and the hype can derail us.

Delusions of self grandeur are part of this industry and it takes a strong will and a sense of self-worth to not succumb to such. When you know that you do not need validation from the media or the industry to be worthy, you can then rise above it. 

With that said, I can only hope that Nonhle has a plan. Who knows maybe she knows something that some of us do not know. Perhaps this could be a formula that works for her. Just maybe some of us are just too uptight not to "get it". These stunts have gotten her more famous than she was before so maybe she's on the money here. 

Needless to say, I am looking forward to hearing the song and seeing how it is received by South Africans. One thing for certain is that Nonhle Thema is tabloid gold. Whether that works for or against her, still remains to be seen. 

I do have to say though that going from Hollywood to Soweto TV is not really ringing brilliant plan at the moment.

End of part 1 and beginning of Part 2 - Nonhle the music star.

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