Not So Great Year On The Charts For Beyonce (UPDATE)

In May when the video for Run The World came out I wrote this article about Beyonce not having a great year. Sadly except for making headlines with her pregnancy not much changed through out the year for Bey. 

With less than a week till we bid farewell to 2011, it is evident that this will go down as Beyonce's least critical and commercially successful year.  Here's the latest update from YahooMusic about Beyonce losing her winning streak this year;

Week Ending Dec. 18, 2010: Beyonce’s Streak Interrupted

I have bad news for Beyonce fans. This is the first year in which B has failed to crack the top 10 since Destiny's Child exploded in 1998. This stat combines Destiny's Child and solo recordings, as well as featured credits on hits by Jay-Z and Lady Gaga.  
There are still two weeks left in Nielsen SoundScan's tracking year, but this week corresponds to the Dec. 31 issue of Billboard, so there is no way that Beyonce's name can appear on a top 10 hit in a 2011 issue of Billboard. 
Beyonce's best showing of 2011 came in August, when the stinging, kiss-off ballad "Best Thing I Never Had" peaked at #16. Her second best showing of the year came in September, when "Love On Top" debuted and peaked at #20. 
Third best came in June when "Run The World (Girls)" peaked at #29. In retrospect, the disappointing showing of that feminist anthem foretold what would be an unexpectedly difficult year for Beyonce on the  Hot 100. 
Beyonce has three songs on this week's chart, but none of them rank in the top 50. "Party" (featuring Andre 3000) dips from #55 to #57, "Countdown" re-enters at #91 and "Love On Top" rebounds from #98 to #94. "Party" has climbed as high as #50. "Countdown" has reached #71. 
Please note that the headline says "Beyonce's Streak Interrupted," rather than "Beyonce's Streak Ends," because I have no doubt that she'll resume her winning ways.
No wonder some people do not want to believe that she is pregnant. The baby has come as a convenient PR gold or else Bey would have had very little to be relevant about this year. 

But Bey fans do not despair, if her frequent collaborator, music producer Dream's words are anything to go by, Beyonce can't wait to get back in the studio...

Dream tells BoomBox
"She's ready to work. She's crazy! She never stops doing anything. I don't know if [pregnancy] is going to slow her down. She's just incredible with doing things, I don't know how she's going to do it, she's just a maniac... in a good way."

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