Oprah Picks Lira For A Doccie

Word is: This week our very own songstress, Lira, got news from the States that the Queen Of Talk, will use her music in the making of a documentary about Oprah's life.

Oprah has chosen songs from Lira's Feel Good albumn which was released in 2006. Though not her debut albumn, it was the offering that launched Lira as a megastar in Mzansi. 

Oprah will use Change The World, but hasn’t been decided which other songs will be used in the documentary – but it will most likely be her single You And I from her latest album.

An Lira excited is reported to have told South African newspaper DailySun: 
“I received the news on Monday morning from my team in America.
“I couldn’t believe it!
“I adore Oprah – and for me to think that a singer from the southern tip of Africa has been picked to be part of her work is amazing.
“I am so happy.”
The documentary which is about Oprah’s life and her work will be shown on her television network (OWN) and later be sold to other channels as well.

Lira is one of the inspirational ambassadors at Oprah’s Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa, where she first met Oprah in 2008.

I am a huge fan of Lira's music. I am very happy for her. With reports that she will be doing a 83 day 45 cities tour of the United States of America, I am a bit worried about her neglecting her home fan base in an effort to attract international fans. 

In her current albumn which hasn't been received well by her fans Miss Lira has veered slightly away from Feel Good and Soul In Mind sound.

While it is all good for her to be interested in being an international star, I think she must not forget that it is us her South African fans who made her a star.

And what we liked was the authentically South African sound. America has Sade, England has Adele and we have Lira. It would be nice if we do not end up losing our gem. 

I had a very interesting conversation with her a couple of months ago and she assured me that her experimenting with new sounds will not take away from who "Lira" is.

She vehemently  emphasised that, for an artist to grow, her music needs to evolve with every new experience in the artist's life. I loved that.

Lira meet Oprah

I don't know if it will translate well in her music but since she embodies that wholesome artist that South Africa and the continent is proud of, I think her stand at the top is safe. 

Congratulations to Miss Lira!! Continue to rise ntombazana! 

Bet when you were singing "Yeah I want it all, I want it all, I wanna be in love" you didnt realise that you will get it all and some... Happily married and now you are about to conquer the world. :)

Let's change the lyrics now;

Yeah, I got it all
I got it all
Yes I've got it all


Anonymous said...

Way to go Ms Lira!

Anonymous said...

There is something about this sister. Halala Lira!!!

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