Rev Run's Son "Caught" In A Strip Club

Nothing says I ain't homo than being photographed in strip joint with half naked women rubbing their "bits" on your crotch, right? WRONG! Last week it was reported that A transsexual woman sent a video to Worldstar Hip Hop claiming JoJo was open to a down low relationship. SHe said JoJo knew she was a biological female, and to prove it she gave out JoJo’s personal cell phone number and provided private text messages.

Watch the video below:

Jojo vehemnetly denied this claim and immediately took to his Twitter page to defend his manhood, 

This week in a blatant attempt to defuse the gay rumours (which fails dismally by the way), Jojo was photographed at a strip club. Clearly someone in his camp forgot to remind him that he is a preachers son. While the thought behind this little stunt may have been that his being a preacher's son in strip club might cause enough scandal to take away attention from the gay scandal.  

This PR stunt has backfired because it is now fueling that gay rumour further. This is not the only time that JoJo Simmons has had to deal with PR spin just 2 years ago, at 19, Lil JoJo Simmons got busted at the weed spot. 
He was caught rolling a blunt right outside the spot. And it gets worse. Instead of getting arrested quietly, its reported that JoJo started acting up and had to be subdued by the police. He was arrested for possession, resisting arrest, attempted reckless endangerment, and criminal use of drug paraphernalia.

I guess when Aretha Frianklin sang about the son of a preacher man being the only one who could ever teach her to be good, she could have known that in 2012 preachers sons hookup with transsexuals and spend the weekends in strip clubs. 

Oh well, JoJo Simmons appears on SABC1's  Run's House and Daddy's Girls

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