Say What?

"Joy brings health, health brings life ... so laugh and have fun your CD4 count will rise"

- Somizi Mhlongo on 3talk with Noeleen

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vumaaa said...

This one is still dramatic.

Craig Jacobs said "Somizi needs to go to Hospital" . One of the Videos u have Phil. I think when they were launching new time slots for SABC

He is great entertainer and we love him too much and we worried about him.

If he continues with this crap of his??? Ay angazi

I just hope he is taking Granpa/Panado "pun intended" (hope i make sense) coz zona they will definitely make him leave longer.

And we still wana see our Somgaga.

But he needs to stop this Hater thing, No1 is hating on him but people are just concerned about his health.

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