Scandalous Luthuli Dlamini Is Back

Scandal has been pushing all the stop to ensure that it retains its share of the audience pull in its time slot. By the look of things they are not doing too bad. In fact their new competitor, Isidingo, barely made a dent since it moved to the slot. Big props to the writers of the Scandal as they have been working really hard at bringing in those dramatic storylines that their cast do so well.

It is great when you have a show where its writers know their actors' strong points and their audiences. Scandals actors do drama very well. All their dramatic storylines that require some tragedy and high emotion scenes work very well. 

This was evident with the publicity stunt of bringing Dineo Ranaka in didn't really work. The effort felt like it was slowing the story down and as soon as she left they jumped back into their high intense pace. Donna is now embroiled in a storyline about her past just hot off of Tino and Daniel's Russian roulette drama

Now they are about to take it up a notch by bringing back the show's most controversial actor, Luthuli Dlamini who played "Stan Nyathi" before his unceremonious departutre from the show which opened the door for Sello Maake to join the cast.

Luthuli Dlamini will be returning to our TV screens as Stan in a what the channel discribes as a dramatic storyline featuring Daniel (Sello Maake ka Ncube) and Thato (Rami Chuene). The return of the character Stan threatens to throw the Nyathi family into disarray, as dark secrets are threatened to be disclosed.

Please see below the storyline breakdown: 

Daniel is confronted by a message from Stan, explaining he intends to return to SA and to NZH in December. Daniel guards a terrible secret, which Stan’s return threatens to expose. He is forced to make plans to remove the threat. 
Daniel needs to get his hands on big money to pay for getting rid of Stan. With Kila’s help, Daniel manipulates Tino into believing that Abigail is alive. Daniel fakes Shakira’s kidnapping to swindle money out of Tino.  
Shakira is forced to play along against her will, because Daniel threatens to expose her as Abigail’s murderer to Tino. Tino is asked to pay a ransom in exchange for Shakira’s release. Daniel walks away with the loot and pays to have Stan “taken care of”. But things don’t go according to plan. 
Meanwhile Eddie is harbouring deep resentment about Daniel’s manipulation of his wife and, suffering from a mid-life crisis, begins to drink again in secret. 
When Stan arrives at the airport, he is met by Thato, his ex-wife, who brings Stan to Daniel. A shocked Stan reveals Daniel’s terrible secret and Daniel is forced to take drastic action. A drunken Eddie is the only witness to the crime.
The story of Stan's impending return started on the 1st of December and will run until 13 of December with Luthuli only appearing on our screens to reprise the role from the 14th

Catch Scandal, weekdays at 19h30 on etv

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