Sis Noeleen Is Not Happy With Blogger

3Talk host Noeleen Maholwana Sangqu has become a de facto big sister to a lot of young South African celebrities. She is young at heart and is always ready to offer some advice here and there when these boys and girls get out of line without being all pompous and authoritive about it (unlike a certain princess of Africa that shall remain nameless).

Something caught my attention on Twitter last week when Noeleen twitted that she was disgusted and disappointed with celebrity blogger, Clayton Morar.

So the story goes; 

@claymorar tweeted: 

“It’s not rape if you drop her off at the hospital afterwards.”

Within minutes the social networking site went ablaze with messages of disgust at Clayton's insensitive tweet. South Africa was still in the 16 Days Of Activism Against Women And Child Abuse campaign run so naturally a lot of people were taken aback that someone would share such views on a public forum like that. 

Sis Noeleeen did not waste time to let Clay know that she was not impressed. She tweeted; 

Noeleen3Talk: What you said is disgusting. I'm very disappointed"

The only problem was that prior to Sis Noeleen's tweet, Clay had apologised and given some story about how "he" ended up twitting such words.Apparently he was in a club, had gone to the bar to buy drinks and one of his friends had tweeted from his Twitter account, “playing a prank” and thinking it was “funny”. 

Some people didn't buy it, some did. I for one had to take a pause for a moment. The first thought on my mind is that with the kind of jobs we do, we have celebrity numbers on our phones and would never just not have a passcode on our phones. 

The first thing I think of when someone goes through my phone is that they might just copy a celebrity's number so I have always had a passcode for my phone. Plus in this day and age everybody does, even my niece has a lock code on hers. 

Now, Clayton must have countless important contacts on his phone given the nature of his job. Could he really just leave his phone unlocked on the table? 

To Clay’s defense, his timeline doesn’t look like he is the sort of person who would make such a statement. So maybe he did really leave his phone on the table and a friend used it to log into his Twitter account and send the tweet.

Anyway, mistakes happen and for the most part Mzansi has forgiven the Capetonian blogger. I would assume that Sis Noeleen has forgiven the poor guy too.

Trust big sister to put you in your place when you stray! 

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