Top South African Google Searches Of 2011

Google announced its annual Zeitgeist, a look at 2011 through the collective eyes of the world on the web, offering a unique perspective on the year’s major events and hottest trends based on searches conducted in South Africa.

WhatsApp Messenger which is a cross-platform mobile messaging App for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Nokia – tops the list of fastest rising searches in South Africa for 2011. No surprise there since we love freebies plus who would want to pay R1 for an sms when you can text for free?

My only issue with WhatsApp it is the fact that you do not have control over who can text you using the service. I hate getting messages from numbers I don't know because you inevitably have to ask "who are you" and some people get all worked up that you do not have their numbers on your contacts

Julius Malema, who was recently suspended President of the ANC Youth League is reigning supreme on the list of top newsmakers. From marches to landmark speeches, a hospital trip and a hate speech ruling, Julius appeared in many South African and international headlines in 2011. 

With his appeal hearing looming and the Mangaung conference expected to dominate news next year, Malema is certainly going to be a constant feature on many news headlines.

Sadly South African stars do not feature in the top celebrity search list. Reality tv star, Kim Kardashian tops that list and is joined by Idols, Beyoncé, Britney, Rihanna, Megan Fox, and Angelina Jolie. Clearly we still prefer to know more about Hollywood stars than our own. 

In terms of the top global searches, American pop singer and YouTube star, Rebecca Black, is the top fastest rising search. The video of her single, Friday, went viral in March 2011, acquiring millions of views in just a few days. 

Google’s newly launched social network, Google +, takes second place on the list. Adele, whose album 21 has been nominated for a ‘Best Album’ Grammy, makes another appearance, this time in seventh place, while Steve Jobs ironically outranks the device he introduced this year, the iPad 2.

The Lists In Numerical Order:

Fastest Rising Searches:
1. Whatsapp
2. Rugby World Cup
3. Royal wedding
4. Facebook
5. Amy Winehouse
6. Adele
7. Gaddafi
8. iPhone 5
9. Velvet Sky
10. Steve Jobs

Fastest Rising People:
1. Amy Winehouse
2. Adele
3. Gaddafi
4. Steve Jobs
5. Darren Scott
6. Sonny Bill Williams
7. Nicki Minaj
8. Selena Gomez
9. Chris Brown
10. Mandela

Top News:
1. Julius Malema
2. Kaizer Chiefs
3. Orlando Pirates
4. Facebook
5. News24
6. YouTube
7. ANC Youth League
8. Nelson Mandela
9. Manchester United
10. Arsenal

Top Images:
1. Facebook
2. Nicki Minaj
3. love
4. Selena Gomez
5. Cars
6. Rihanna
7. Flowers
8. YouTube
9. Justin Bieber
10. Beyonce

Top Celebrities:
1. Kim Kardashian
2. Idols
3. Beyonce
4. Britney
5. Rihanna
6. Megan Fox
7. Angelina Jolie
8. Scarlett Johansson
9. Mariah Carey
10. Jennifer Aniston

Top TV searches:
1. Survivor Tocantins winner
2. Bigbrother Amplified
3. American Idols 2011
4. The Bachelor Jake
5. The Bachelorette Jillian
6. The Bachelorette Ali
7. American Idols 2011
8. Xfactor usa
9. Mentalist season 4
10. Topgear festival

Fastest Rising Song Lyrics:
1. Judas
2. Super Bass
3. Adele
4. Man Down
5. Coming Home
6. Grenade
7. Selena Gomez
8. Rick Ross
9. Rihanna
10. Lil Wayne

Top Sports Searches:
1. Super rugby fixtures
2. Wimbledon live scores
3. RWC 2011
4. Tri nations 2011
5. Billabong pro 2011
6. Super rugby results
7. Dakar rally 2011
8. Foxsports fantasty rugby
9. Tabgold racecard
10. Xscore

Top Soccer Searches:
1. SPBO live score
2. Afcon qualifiers
3. Vodacom challenge 2011
4. Soccer livescore
5. Orlando pirates news
7. kaizer chiefs fixtures
8. Copa del Rey
9. PSL league table
10. COPA America 2011

Top “what is”:
1. what is Facebook?
2. what is love?
3. what is life?
4. what is HIV?
5. what is research?
6. what is technology?
7. what is energy?
8. what is aids?
9. what is cancer?
10. what is ubuntu?

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