Why Don't You Love Me?

Something has been buggin' me. Almost every Friday you will find people moaning and dissing Minnie on social media. I have had my personal issues with Minnie but after meeting her again at the SABC1 party in Fourways and watching how everybody all of the sudden is using her as a punching bag, I have come to root for her to rise above all this hate and become a success. 

If it is not her presenting, it's her weight or her love life that people constantly poke fun at. I am not crazy about her on LIVE but think she has proven that given the right platform she can shine.

Secondly I am not that excited about her Minnie Series line and think her new style is a bit too drab for someone as young and bubbly as she is. 

Still, I do think she is working very hard amid all this negative vibes to be best that she can be. So please give her a break.

But what bothers me the most is the fact that LIVE viewers voted for Minnie. If you didn't like her and wanted Bonang to present the show alone, why did you cast your votes for her?

The other issue is the way the show is structured. The show is tailor made for Bonang to shine. B is LIVE, even Sizwe can not outshine her. Unfortunately the on screen magic that is 'Bonang' swallows Minnie.

Interestingly though, it has come to my attention that Sizwe is not just a presenter on the show. He is also the scriptwriter and creative... something... (yeah I cant remember the title) on the show. So if Sizwe is responsible for staleness of the show, why not hate on him?

Now that he is said to be leaving the show, will he be leaving his post within the production as well? BECAUSE it is clearly not working. If that's the case will Minnie finally get a chance to stop being a 3rd wheel on the show and take on B (in a complimentary way of course)?

Let me not lay the blame on Sizwe. The poor guy doesn't run the show. The problem is that the producers of the show probably only ran the presenter search competition as a way to boost ratings and now they don't know what to do with Minnie.

I swear sometimes I feel like there is some underlying sabotage going on to get her to quit. Viewers are complaining about her every week yet the show is  not doing anything about it. 

They are not even trying to change the production, like perhaps make her a roving presenter like Phila was so she can fit in well into the show. Which then begs the question; if they are not willing to help her, why keep her?

Minnie can present, Mzansi Insider proved that. She has a way with viewers. With every Tweet or Facebook comment that chastise her, there are 3 more that offer her support. 

BUT it's been a while since I have seen someone be the target of so much animosity. Some people even blame her for LIVE's poor ratings. That can not be fair. 

Anyway, I just wish people could let up a little. Let the girl find her feet. 


Anonymous said...

I am not intrested in the article.
the pic did it for me.
you all can have your B girl. With curves like that,it is Minnie all the way for me. The girl is curvingly blessed. Damn!!!

Anonymous said...

Within the circle of people that i know, i am the only one who is crazy about this woman. I love her!

PhilMphela said...

That's exactly part of my point, Annon2. A lot of people do not like her and I don't get why because most of them have never met her.

Anonymous said...

Phil did you know she was going to quit? Its strange that few days after you write this article she quits.p

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