The Woman Is Crazy

Truth be told, I am one person that you can never call close-minded. But as objective and understanding I am, there are certain things that I find bizarre and utterly deplorable. I am all for creative expression and pushing the boundaries that society imprison us in. However certain things that Lady Gaga does leave me speechless (not in a good way) and absolutely disgusted, literally!!
warning: graphic images beyond this point

The “Born This Way” singer inked a development deal with Coty Beauty back in September 2010 to create her first fragrance to be released sometime in 2012. But unlike many celebrities before her she just had to find a way to take the attention away from the product and more on the gimmicks. Gaga has revealed that her perfume will oddly be based on her own molecular structure created from samples of her blood. 

“I wanted to extract sort of the feeling and sense of blood and semen from molecular structures,” said Gaga. “But it doesn’t smell like that.”

When asked what the perfume which smell like? “Actually,” Gaga says, 

“the perfume smells like an expensive hooker.”

Blood, semen, and an expensive hooker? Not exactly what you would want to smell like on a bad day.   I mean seriously though, does anyone take this woman seriously anymore? Her performances have lost their shock value now. Unlike Madonna who used theatrics to build her formidable career that spun decades, Gaga's antics have sort been reduced to mindless attention seeking stunts than anything artistic. The buzz that she caused when she exploded on to the scene has dwindled with time and it looks like by this time next year she will just be like any other artist who tried to be a rebel like Madonna and failed like Courtney Love.

I love Lady Gaga and her musics but most importantly I love the impact she's had in changing the superficial face of beauty and what ought to be celebrated. Her movement to embrace everybody nomater how different they are was an inspiration to be. I loved the whole "monsters" campaign, suddenly it was ok to be different.

Lady Gaga is a smart woman and if she were t put the focus more into her talent as a musician than just these gimmicks she could be the Prince, Madonna, Lenny Kravitz, KISS, etc of our generations. These musos were eccentric and their off stage antics and theatricals put them on the spotlight a lot but for the most part it was the music that made them superstars. 

Perhaps our girl, Gaga could take a page out of their legendary careers. As for the blood, semen and smelling like a hooker perfume, I am not impressed. Imagine my little niece asking me to buy her a Lady Gaga perfume because she wants to smell like a hooker. She loves the woman and she is still a teenager. 

Watch the perfume launch performance below:

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