Zonke Refuses To Be Disrespected By Joe Thomas

Gotta love this girl. Not only is she a brilliant song writer and an equally talented singer, she is a classy lady too. Sunday World reports that Metro award winning songstress "walked out minutes before a scheduled performance after being booked as one of the supporting acts for US R&B singer Joe Thomas "

According to the paper, Zonke and her band were scheduled to do a sound check at 4pm but arrived to find Thomas' band, who were still rehearsing at the time.

They waited for two hours only to be told later by the production team that they had only 10 minutes to rehearse.

That's when Zonke told her manager Tumi Mokwena that she could not stay as part of the show's line-up as she felt disrespected.

Bigup to our girl, Zonke, for not putting up with this nonsense. We saw it with the likes of Vivica Fox that these American artists do not respect our people. 

Much of it has to do with the organisers always giving international stars special treatment at the expense of respecting our own stars. Yes these guys are huge but when sucking up to them comes at a price of our own stars then I totally have an issue with that too.

I applaud Zonke and other South African stars who have demanded that they be treated with the same courtesy as these American stars when they are billed to be their supporting acts. 

Hell, it is not like our stars will have some ridiculous demands like "the water has to be a certain temperature when it is served to them" so the least these organisers can do is respect their craft. 

Good on you girl. You have my support and respect for this one.


Anonymous said...

I don't know why promoters still bother with local supporting acts! Honestly, some of us pay for the ticket because we want to see Joe....not Zonke!!!

Anonymous said...

I can see that Joe is earning his pension money from Mzansi.
How many times has he been here in the last 2 years? dude,should give it a break. we have had enough of him for now.

PhilMphela said...

Lol, A2

We love American has-beens in Mansi

Anonymous said...

To Hell with Joe, Recession is killing him in US so now he decides to come here and sing same songs every shows...ag..

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