Blue Ivy Carter Trumps Aisha's Record

As I mentioned Beyonce and Jay-Z’s baby girl has made pop chart history in the U.S. after becoming the youngest act ever to be credited on a Billboard Hot 100 hit. Credited - that has become the important point in the debate over Blue Ivy's record.

Little Blue Ivy Carter was just hours old when proud dad Jay-Z recorded her crying and added it to the end of his new tune “Glory,” which he released to the Internet on Monday – and the song is already a hit.

It will debut at 74 on the new Billboard countdown when it’s officially released on Thursday – and that’s a new record for the artist credited as B.I.C.

However there have been some people who claimed that the title about Blue are misleading and it is Stevie Wonder's daughter who should hold the title.

Stevie Wonder wrote “Isn’t She Lovely” for his then-newborn girl in 1976. The song appeared on his albumn, 'Songs in the Key of Life'.

Unfortunately Stevie never credited her daughter on the track even though is it written for her whereas Jay Z has. 

The track featured the little Aisha’s coos and breaths, as does Jay Z's "Glory" which ends with baby "Blue Ivy" crying.  

When the oversight was rectified and the song hit the charts, Aisha was already two years old. So Blue Ivy reigns supreme!

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