Bonang Makes Her Solo Debut This Friday

Remember I mentioned here that our girl B will be the sole presenter of Live. Well the much anticipated solo debut is tomorrow. B otla be a re tlhatlhamolla at 21h00 on SABC 1 without Minnie and Sizwe whose departure from the show has been widely reported.

NOTE: Guys I do not know anything about LIVE hosting auditions. As far as I know Bonang will be presenting the show alone as I mentioned HERE.

Be careful about believing anything that comes from Twitter. I have not gotten any news from the producers about the auditions so I can not confirm nor refute the rumour.

Personally I think it would be a mistake to hold a nation wide presenter search especially after the controversy that ensued with Lunga and Selimathunzi.

Yes the search may generate publicity for the show but that will only be during the search. There is a real danger that after the search it could backfire and cost LIVE the few loyal viewers it has if they are not happy with whoever gets hired.

Another thing would be that LIVE tried this thing before and it failed with Minnie. Why would they want to get another inexperienced person and go through the same process again of having to deal with the person not connecting with the viewers?

Bonang is a sure thing for the show. Anyone with a brain can see that she is the essence of the show. Yes LIVE can hire a roving presenter but a co-presenter for LIVE would just be shooting themselves on the foot.

At the moment I do not have confirmation about the presenter search rumour so I will take it as just that -- a Twitter rumour!!

I am not saying it WILL not happen, it might. I do however hope it remains just that -- a rumour.

PS: Before you believe anything on Twitter you must remember that they have killed people countless times even Madiba and recently created Cheaters South Africa in their own heads on that site. Always wait for confirmation before getting excited about something you read on Twitter. 


vumaaa said...

Hopefully Live will be Live again, it was getting monotonous by day.

So our girl B will bring back the live we knew, Hopefully

Quick Question: Would you maybe know the right person that one can talk to regarding some proposition for the show?

PhilMphela said...


I think the best option would be to contact Urban Brew.

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