DJ Cleo Allegedly Hits A Disabled Woman

Word is that when DJ Cleo is not pissing off the gays or fighting with other artists he is allegedly hitting disabled women. 

Daily Sun reports that the music star allegedly "pushed and klapped" a disabled fan who just wanted to take a picture with him. 

He says;
" there are sinister forces behind her allegations, with malicious intentions. I would never hit any woman, no matter what the circumstances."
Story BY: Gladys Machakela

A DISABLED woman alleges that DJ Cleo pushed and klapped her at the ANC centenary celebrations in Mangaung.

But she said: “I won’t lay charges because I love DJ Cleo and his music. But I want him to come and apologise for what he did to me.”

Dikeledi Mokhitlinyane (25) from Mangaung told Daily Sun: “The ANC invited me as a VIP guest to represent the Disabled People of South Africa organisation.

“While the celebrations were in full swing on Sunday, I saw my favourite celebrity DJ Cleo among the guests at the Free State Stadium.

“I was so excited. I thought this was my chance to meet him and even get his autograph. I went up to him, but without even listening to what I wanted, he just klapped me and pushed me to the floor.

“I was shocked and embarrassed,” she said.

An eyewitness, Thato Matobako, who is also a member of the disability organisation, said: “Five disabled women from the organisation attended the centenary celebrations and we were in the VIP stand.

“DJ Cleo was behind us and when we saw him we started taking pictures of him with our cellphones.

“But when Dikeledi got close to him he slapped her and pushed her to the floor.

“He also clicked his tongue in irritation and looked very angry. We were also angry, but helpless,” Thato said.

Daily Sun asked DJ Cleo (whose real name is Cleophas Monyeapao) for comment.

He denied the allegations. He said he was among the guests at the celebrations on Sunday but that nothing like the alleged incident had happened. “No such thing happened,”

Whether this story is true or not, I think DJ Cleo needs to do a bit of some introspection. When negative things follow you everywhere you better check yourself and ask what is it about you that attracts such. 

You can not have everybody from all different sectors of our nation have a vendetta against you. After a while the excuse that "sinister forces" are behind every negative report by the media will loose its novelty. 

What puzzles me is; Why would all these different people choose to target Dj Cleo out of all the celebrities that we have in this country? Really now fans, journos and his colleagues. What do they stand to gain from that?

Of course there are two sides to every story and though DJ Cleo's response is a tad questionable, he too deserves the benefit of the doubt. 

If the allegations are true, then it is a shame that someone who owes his success to the support of the people continues to spit on their faces.


Anonymous said...

bathong ? cleopas llle di gole tota ? o deep moona ke wena o deep

Anonymous said...

Jo Phil have u seen the HIV article? put in on your blog and warn your fans

PhilMphela said...

Lol, Sorry A1. I will not put something like that on my blogsite. I read it and there are certain things about just feel that stories where the author can not be held accountable for do not deserve my attention.

I do not take stories that are written by anonymous or someone using a pseudonym seriously. They could easily be fake or just a vindictive ploy from someone to his friend or ex.

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