Parody Etv Cheaters Promo Causes Social Media Frenzy

They have been saying that social media has made us so lazy that we are even lazy to think these days. We have become so reliant on Twitter and Facebook that the sense to verify information before you start spreading it around has eluded us. This was evident this past week thanks to Etv and its Tshisa Nyama Cheaters Ad.

In an attempt to be humorous (with a South African feel) Etv put out a promo for American Tv show, Cheaters, which is currently running on the free to air channel. Little did they know that an innocent attempt at humour would turn into an expose' on how slow some people on social media are. 

Someone saw the promo, which features a parody of the original show and thought this meant South Africa will be having a local version of Cheaters. Within minutes, Twitter and Facebook were abuzz about what was now dubbed CheatersSA. 

The sad reality is that a lot of people actually believed this nonsense. Even celebrities like Arthur took the opportunity to jump on the bandwagon and became very active on the trending topic of CheatersSA. 

What this incident exposed, is how ridiculously lazy we have become as a society. These days people will see a comment or byline on an article and they would not bother to read the full story to ascertain the facts before they run to Twitter or Facebook to relay false information. 

People do not want to read or pay attention anymore. All they do is read what somebody else has written on social media and they copy it on to their walls as if they know it to be a fact. It's sad. 

Just last week again. One of the TV channels was doing a wrap-up of the year's biggest stories. In the news insert they ran a montage of clips from those stories. Someone saw the name Mandela and an ambulance but did not bother to see that it is "file footage" before running to Twitter to say Nelson Mandela has been hospitalised. 

Anyone who has actually seen the Cheaters ad on Etv can see that it is a spoof on the Cheaters that is presented by Joey Greco. Firstly, just after the few second of the South African actors spoofing the show with the Tshisa Nyama scenario, you can clearly see the original clips from Cheaters being played on the ad. 

How someone can watch that and think it means Etv will flight a South African Cheaters this week, beats me.   

Needless to say; There is no such thing on Etv as CheatersSA. That is just a figment of some slow person's imagination and sadly it has exposed the laziness to think of many South Africans on Twitter and Facebook. 

And we wonder why people blindly vote for people who do nothing for them? Information just passes through us because we can't stop and question or think on our own anymore. We just follow like sheep. Mehhhhhhhheeeeeeeee!

Guess what though: Etv will have a huge number of viewers tonight when Cheaters plays on air. Pity a lot of them will be disappointed when they see bo Shaniqua on their screen!

Eish just in case this article is not clear:



Anonymous said...

Let's explain Parody to the people coz if they believed the spoof I doubt they know what is a parody

Anonymous said...

Yes...better explain parody...dude. For the lazy thinkers... its an imitation/mockery etc.

Anonymous said...

We we're waitin 2 c it.

Anonymous said...

im one of those ppl who actually thought that there's going to be the SA version of Cheaters. that advert is misleading

Anonymous said...

For ya'll who are too lazy to use their dictionary... A parody is an amusing/bad imitation of a serious authors style of writing.

Anonymous said...

It's all fun and games calling other people lazy thinkers for believing that South Africa had their own cheaters show, but how lazy are you to use that entire concept to write a blog about how often people use social media platforms to spread or obtain information. That concept of you blog was far from original and to prey on someone elses disbelief is like writing about all the kids who still believe in santa. Why don't you start thing for a change write about a more original concept. Social media is common, everyone knows that.

Anonymous said...

Kwaaa Anonymous Jan 8 did you get duped by the ad too? Shame its ok we all for stupid stuff like that.

Awesome blog Phil. I'm obsessed fana.

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