How To Blow R2billion Limpopo Style

There has been calls to scrap provincial governance in South Africa. I was not too crazy about the idea as I felt it would put more pressure on national departments that are clearly not coping in service delivery. However after reading this report, I have had to re-consider. Limpopo can not officially account for a 2billion rand expenditure. How is that possible? How do you just practically loose 2billion rand?

Viva ANC neh? Wow.

SAPA reports:

"Why has this situation come about in Limpopo? The province has large, accumulated unauthorised expenditure which has grown from R1.5bn in 2009 to R2.7bn 2011," the ministry said in a statement.

The statement was released during a news briefing giving an update after the province was placed under administration in December.

The Cabinet put the province under administration after it emerged that Limpopo was bankrupt and could not pay civil servants, such as teachers and nurses.

In the department of health, the team found that:

-- the province owed suppliers R138 million, but only half these payments, R67m, could be verified and approved for payment by December 23;

-- R427m in assets had no supporting documents;

-- there was R400m in irregular expenditure of goods and services, mostly medical equipment.

Education Minister Angie Motshekga said that in the province's education department there was no supply chain management, with the department not ordering pupil support material on time.

It accumulated unauthorised expenditure of R2.2bn and there was a R190m accrual of "stale debt" -- money owed.

At least 200 "ghost" teachers were paid and there were 2400 excess teachers in the province.

Certain schools had not got the money they needed in 2011 for basics such as electricity and photocopying.

This is ridiculous. I wonder what Julius Malema will have to say about this. This is his home province and he is now part of its Provincial Executive Committee.

If the ANCYL is genuinely concerned about our future these are the type of situation they should be coming out strongly against. This is unacceptable. 

To think that  this is the second time that it is happening boggles the mind. How is it that President Zuma and his office doing are oblivious to such blatant abuse of state funds?

What is Limpopo Premier Cassel Mathale doing in his job if things like this can just happen on his watch? 

Who signs off on this money ?

Yah your votes count -- to make people rich. 


Anonymous said...

Heita Bro
I have been following your blog for sometime and you have been doing a wonderful job, however lately you have become more of a general blogger than an entertainment 1. Does this mean you are looking at journalism?

your follower

PhilMphela said...

Honestly I have no idea what you mean. My blog is 90% entertainment. But my blog has always been about things that pique my interest. It just happens that I'm in the entertainment industry so naturally I write a lot about that.

This blog is about my thouts and views. It also a platform for me to share things I find interesting. So no I have no interest in journalism.

Anonymous said...

I hear you.

Anonymous said...

Im just disappointed with ANC the way they are handling the matter, Cassel nke ele kgale a rakilwe moshomong clearly ga tsebe sa se dirang unless ele gore oja madi a puso le bakgotsi ba gagwe self. The same way the removed all the coucilors n crooked MEC they must remove him, being in favour le Juju doesn't mean he do as he please why ba mo tshaba ga ke itsi.....

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