Intersexions: Twice As Nice?

It's the new year, YAY!!! Oh well maybe it is not that exciting given that we had one of the worst TV seasons in 2011 and television stations are working hard to make sure that 2012 will be a year of improvements. 

One such channel is SABC1. The nation's biggest channel is banking on the tried and tested success of Intersexions Season 1 to ensure that it retains its title as the leader with pride.

It is safe to say that Sabc1 did not really escape the wrath of local content mediocrity in 2011. Much like its sister channel, SABC 3, Mzansi Fo Sho had a rather lackluster year with shows like Turn It Out which in my opinion has to be the worst talent show in Mzansi's television history.

Ratings for the channels' popular but less publicized show, Zone 14, took a bit of dive last year and shows like LIVE and Selimathunzi continue to show dismal performances with their target audiences. Not all was bad though as Phat Joe continues to be an audience puller with ratings for RGB remaining relatively steady even after the departure of Brenda Ngxoli from the show.

Class Act Season 2 was a total disappointment. The new format did not work well for the once ground breaking show. The fact that we are yet to see that movie that Sdumo Mtshali was promised when he won the first season made the second season even more boring. So much for creating Mzansi's leading man! At least the show launched Sdumo and some of the guys' careers in the industry.

Intersexions was South Africa's groundbreaking show of this decade. Not since Yizo-Yizo had a show been able to resonate with viewers like this show has. The show, produced in part by Curious Pictures, was proof that if local productions get the support they need, we can produce shows of an international caliber.

Of course SABC1 nearly spoiled the magic of the show by repeating it just months after the original season ran on the channel. Who does that? When you serve something good, you let it settle in and busk in the glory of its success before you serve the same thing again. That way you avoid magnifying mistakes that audiences would have otherwise let slide in the first place.

Watching some of the episodes of Intersexions for the second time so soon made me see that not all was great with the show. Nonetheless, it was still a marvelous show and it solidified my respect for young actors like Mothusi Makgano, I am in awe of this brother's talent. 

Well Mzansi brace yourself for a second season of Intersexions coming in the first half of this year. Yep, I have confirmation that Intersexions Season 2 is in the works and will probably hit our screens soon. 

For the second season the people behind the show asked the public to submit story ideas that could be featured on the show. That is a bold move on their part to get the public actively involved in the stories that the show wants to tell. 

I do however have my concerns about having a second season. We all know that South African shows are not good at having more than one season. No, let's be honest. 

Which South African show do you know that has ever managed to capture the same amount of critical acclaim with a second season? The closest I can think of is Yizo Yizo, which did not really do well beyond the original season.

The other problem that Intersexion Season 2 might encounter is coming up with new stories that are as interesting as the first season's and can still be able to work with the format of intertwined plots. The common thread story link between the episodes and characters was the trump card for the show. That is what kept us glued to our screens. How will they manage to capture the same suspense and intricacy with the stories? 

That is the beauty of this industry. The fact that you can ask; how will they do it? And they do it then you are in awe. That's what I love about the "creative" industry. 

I never thought we would ever be able to produce a show that would be a pop culture and a generational phenomenon beyond Yizo Yizo BUT we have so perhaps Sabc1 and Curious Pictures have an ace up their sleeves with Season 2 of Intersexions that will blow me away. 

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