Mega Rich Stars Fake It TOO

Teen sensation Justin Bieber, who is worth an estimated R820 million and was reported to have bought his childhood friend a fancy car for Christmas is caught in an embarrassing knock-off Louis Vuitton scandal.

The star was photographed this week, at the Consumer Electronics show (CES) in Las Vegas wearing what fans thought was a custom made LV Jacket but it turns out it is FAKE. 

The red Levis tag on the jacket as seen on the photo above gave him away. LV does not have any collaboration with Levis so it is impossible for a genuine LV item to have a Levis label on it. 

But Bieber is not the only spotting these fake jackets. Will and Jada's son Jaden, who happens to be Bieber's BFF has also been photographed wearing a similar jacket. 

It is important to point out that this does not necessarily mean Justin bought the jacket as is. People alter clothes all the time. It could be that he bought 2 jackets and decided to make them one jacket to be unique.

Unfortunately that is still an infringement on a particular brand's value. I would assume that since both Justin and Jaden are public figures, LV would not be pleased with them defiling their brand like this. 

Rumours are that, LVMH - the company that owns the LV brand, intends suing the stars. 

Anyway, I guess you can feel less guilty about putting on your fake brands since even people with big moolah fake it too. Unfortunately such practices are not only criminal but help fund crime syndicates. 

Spotted@: Wespop

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