Naomi Says Goodbye

All good things must come to an end and so too should supporting actresses in soapies. Sad but word is; Moshidi Motshegwa is wrapping up her stint on Rhythm City as the fiesty "Naomi".

I know, it is disappointing but we knew it was not going to last forever. Moshidi's return to Rhythm City was always going to be a short one. Her character was never a lead but a supporting one so inevitably as a guest star she would have had to leave the show. 

I remember having a conversation with the show's executive producer, Harriet Gavshon some time last year and when I praised Moshidi for her brilliant performance she told me that she was such a pleasure to work with but they could not keep her for a long time. 

Understandably so. A character like Naomi has a very short lifespan in a show like Rhythm City because her storylines are so dramatic that keeping her around once the story fades out would kill the rhythm of the show. Lol, rhythm ... get it ?

It was inevitable that at some point Naomi would have to be accountable for her actions. With the return of David Genaro, there would certainly be no room for 2 villains on the show. 

For me personally I would not have liked to have Naomi around for too long because she would start being redundant. To be honest I was already started to feel it. 

The scene where she goes to visit Lizzie at the police station and she ends up speaking Afrikaans with her did not work for me. In fact I was actually impressed by Gontse Ntshegang 's performance. She really stole the scene. Of course Naomi was still funny.

I do have to say that I will miss Naomi's one liners. Nobody has made Setswana more interesting on television than Moshidi has. I am constantly in awe of this woman's talent.

Moshidi Motshegwa
Word is that Moshidi will be wrapping her scenes for the show soon which will mean she will be on our screens for the most part of the first quarter of the year. 

Poor KB. I am always amazed at how Naomi is supposed to be the villain and Lucilla the victim yet audiences love Naomi and hardly sympathise with Lucilla. 

The arrival of Moshidi has definitely put a bit of a dent on KB's fan base. It does not help much that she has been getting a bit of bad publicity for her alleged homewrecking and her latest album barely made a blib in the market.

We will miss Naomi and her craziness. 

More details on Moshidi's exact exit date as I get them. 

#TeamNaomi, what are your memorable Naomi scenes?


Otto.M said...

Oh WOW ..guess it was bound to happen at some point ...are they gonna bring her back in Future?? Gosh we will miss her of my favourate scenes was when she said to Lizbet **ke tla chopa Milli like di onions ebe ke etsa chakalala ke be ke yo e tshela ko Alexander for diroto di jee, kwaaaaaaa.She is Brilliant man !!!!

Otto.M said...

Ngwana wa Plasjapie ke Plasjapolo tla o nametsa Bus oye kgabalatsane...dankie Jerusalema..hahahahahahaha

RC Fan said...

Oh no why? RC will loose fANS. They must rethink this.

@Vumaaa said...

Lol Im Xhosa and couldn't really understood what she said but i loved the way she did her Lines.

They were just too great.

I think its a good thing thou, we do not want another Queen,

Hope she will grace us again , hopefully with a different Victim not poor monotonous Licilla.

Anonymous said...

Moshidi is indeed a brilliant actress and I love her.Will definately miss her on RC.
I am a Motswana, but I'm already tired of her overused punchlines. In the beginning it was fun, but it's fast becoming tired and not so humorous anymore.

I'm soo proud of my homegal Gontse!!! She's outstanding and outdoing herself....though she's a lil overshadowed by Moshidi

Anonymous said...

my fav line

o deep moona ke wena o deep

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Lizbeth wa ko Makapanstad". LMAO, I can never forget the day she said this. I will defs miss her..hope they bring her back again soon.

Sello Evidence said...

Hehe....In my Whole life i will never ever FORGET Moshidi....I love this woman with the whole of my Heart....She killed me with "Mbaola" hihihihihihihhi ahh boona mola gona ka hwa thwiii I love you Naomi...From Sello Evidence

Anonymous said...

She is simply the best! I loved the time when she stole Lucilla's baby and calling him "Mathousand" kwaaaaaaaaa

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