Naomi ... You Murderer!

Or is she? Elizabeth is dead and someone has to answer for it. Things are about to get very interesting on's Rhythm City. The writers of the soap have pulled out all the stops to make sure that the show's most loved characters leave with a bang ... well maybe a jab instead of bang but you catch my drift.

As I mentioned actress Moshidi Motshegwa has wrapped her shooting for Rhythm City. Her character's departure on the show also sees another fan favourite being killed and Naomi having to answer for it.

Actress Gontse Ntshegang held her own against the enormous talent of industry veteran, Moshidi. The latter has been at this acting thing for over 10 years now. Gontse portrayed the vulnerable and sometimes gullible Lizbet wa ko Makapastad beautifully. 

I thoroughly enjoyed watching her perform with Moshidi. She too will be sadly missed on the show as she would also be leaving a void that I doubt any of the other characters on the show could fill. Elizabeth captured the nation's hearts in a very precarious way since we also loved the woman who made her life hell.  

Come January 27, Naomi will awake and discover that Elizabeth (or as she calls her, Lizbet) is dead and she is holding a bloody knife in her hands. Our favourite villain then protests her innocence but the police will not be convinced and instead arrest her on murder charges.

This will spell the end for South African television's ultimate antagonist. This will come as a result of an elaborate scheme concocted by Lucilla Vilakazi and her new sidekick David Genaro to frame Naomi. Unfortunately, the only time that our girl Naomi tells the truth nobody believes her and Lucilla wins in getting rid of her.

As if we did not hate Lucilla enough already! What will Rhythm City be without Naomi? Yes she is getting her comeuppance but will you still tune in to watch the show without her and Lizbet?

I will admit though that the presence of Moshidi on the show has somewhat upped the standard of acting on the show. The acting between Noks Ledwaba (Tshidi) and Sdumo Mtshali (Maidi) was sublime. 

KB Motsilenyane has also had some really good moments to shine and show her acting prowess.

With the return of David Genaro it looks likely that the stories will once again return to being centred around Nine-9 and you know what that means ... more scenes for Sbu and Gail ... yawn!!

I like Lungi Radu, he is a cool guy and has potential as an actor but his presence on Rhythm City has become a bit redundant. And if I hear him say "You Know..." after one more sentence I will burst.  

Hopefully the writers have come up with better storylines to keep Naomi fans watching after she leaves.


Otto.M said...

honestly i started watching again after her return .... both of them are gonna be missed !!!

Anonymous said...

What can I say, ever since Naomi made her comeback I made a point not to miss Rhythm City, and if I did it was a none negotiable matter on Saturday for the omnibus.

I must say, such actresses needs recognition. Moshidi clearly has re-defined the saying, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." What a brilliant performance

Not forgetting Gontse who clearly showed that as a performer you are supposed to have elements of diversity in you.

Great story line and I know for a fact the story will not be the same without those two "Friends"

And its sad that we will not hear of Lizbet and Millie and ofcourse my favourite ,"Oh...Jerusalem.

All the best for the future to both of them

PhilMphela said...

Well put, Anonymous1.

Anonymous said...

Aaah man, you should have put "SPOILER ALERT" before the article then I wouldnt have read at all. Now I know that Elizabeth's gonna die!! eish *sigh*

Anonymous said...

RC is the best, i think kusazoshuba with all the drama surrounding Lizbeth's death etc, so that moegoe Miles will eventually know that Millie is not his child, will he decide to adopt Millie since she will be an orphan or what......

Will he go back to Lucilla? Will Lucilla accept him.

Guess we will have to wait and see

Anonymous said...

"Wu ke re keasha ke na le mbawula ka mo hare!,ke re today re a modira ngwana Miles,wena Buhle wagafa umini Lulu wena,mama wagago okoloolybin yeses!"*apologies 4 my poor sotho*I cnt help bt loooove Naomi

helzzz said...

Oh please,while I agree that Naomi is a fab atress,†ђξ Naomi.lisbeth,milicent storyline waz becomin borin.& pls help me ask †ђξ writers Ђσώ stupid they think we †ђξ viewers Α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥,with †ђξ stupidity of the Miles character,I was beging to wonder.its becoming more shalow & stupid by †ђξ mother can be as shalow άŋϑ stupid as †ђξ elizabeth character was,then to cap off an alredy useless storyline,they kill elizabeth.why?really?oh Puhlezzzze. &... Even †ђξ lucilla character is becomin unrealistic.its becoming borin άŋϑ unnecessarily desperate.of all †ђξ places to seek help,she goes to David,then she discredits Suarez.I hvnt seen a more stupid writing in a century. Before ‎​U̶̲̥̅̊ say jack David is released.South Africa must operate such a thin judicial system such that one woman`s antics can release a muderer.& yes d mamakete-Rose itchen yellow color feud.really?that's a storyline? Cnt stop laughin.foolish,foolish,foolish. Enough alredy writers. Go bck to your writing tables.& yes, Gail October is so fake an actress. So plastic.get an acting coach.enough said.

helzzz said...

Such fabulous actors & such dumb storylines/plots oh Jerusalem. Writers why? Get busy & stop with †ђξ shalow writing alredy

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