Nonhle Thema Returns To Vuzu

Word is that Nonhle Thema who was unceremoniously fired from Vuzu will be making a return to the DSTV channel in a show that premieres in February. 

Presss Release: 

10 Over 10, a 13-part series developed exclusively for Vuzu, will cover everyone from musicians to TV and film stars, fashion designers and models, sport personalities and comedians, and many others who fall under the hugely popular celebrity catchall. 
Each episode of 10 Over 10 will feature a countdown of the Top 10 celebrity stories. The scandals, the sexy sirens, the dirtiest love rats, the raunchiest sports stars, the bad boys and girls are all game – making it perfect viewing for celebrity-mad Vuzu viewers. 
Adding to the impact will be the input of a range of social commentators, whose witty, blunt, straight forward and downright funny comments and voiceovers will up the ante on 10 Over 10. 
Whether it’s celebrity love lives or scandals, model catfights or the worst hair weaves, misbehaving sports stars or against-all-odds winners on the field, triumphant musicians back from rehab or cosmetic surgery addicted TV stars, 10 Over 10 puts it all in the spotlight. 
Airing on Wednesday 15 February, episode one gets right to the heart of youth culture through the massive social network, Twitter. On a show titled Celebs on Twitter – The Good, The Bad, The Outrageous, 10 Over 10 takes a tongue-in-cheek look at those celebs and socialites who get people talking, day and night. Boasting a feisty voiceover and comments from a range of celebs, this opening salvo is not-to-be-missed.

That's the press release, what caught my attention is the information doing the rounds that Nonhle will be joining Johannesburg-based socialites like Mika Stefano, Uyanda Mbuli, Trevor Gumbi, Babalwa Mneno, Bonang, David Tlale, Sade Gilberti on the show. 

I guess my former friend and her former bosses have buried the hatchet. The only problem is that Nonhle is the news so who is the show going to be covering when some of the most talked about people in this country's celeb circles are on their payroll.

Seriously, Bonang, Uyanda and  Nonhle are part of only about less than 10 women in this country that are constantly talked about. The other part of that 10 are their friends, so who exactly are they going to be giving goss on?

This I definitely have to see. 

Catch the show on Vuzu on Wednesday 15 February at 19:30


Anonymous said...

Perfect for Nonhle, she already doesnt give a rats ass about any of the local celeb so she'll give it all out.

I do agree though that she is the news especially when it comes to the twitter whoever she'll be interviewing will just tell her.."but not as crazy as you are"..we'll see!

Anonymous said...

Gotta set a reminder for this one.

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